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About the Cawthra Bush web-site
contact information:
The comments made on this web-site are made under the full protection of all the Rights and Freedoms to free speech that Canadians have, by way of the Charter and all other supporting Acts, common law, etc., to express political opinions, political observations (& of human nature in general) and comment on their government, at all levels and in whatever form they take, during an election or otherwise.  This should also be considered a victims statement.  The following facts are further reasons why the writer should be entitled to freedom of expression without persecution; I am a poor writer who can't afford  a secretary or proof-reader (especially with no hope of a lawyer to proof-read), who is under a heavy workload to try and keep up with paid bureaucrats and who has out performed City staff for the benefit of the Cawthra Bush & community in general in the past, that the only way to overcome the common government tactic of trying to burn out people, groups and their volunteers who oppose government (plans & actions) is to do the best I can, as fast as I can and as honestly as I can.  And if that is not good enough for you, then fund the cost  to do this work to whatever standard you can afford!

Donald Barber is the author of this web-site and although I am the current President of the Friends of the Cawthra Bush & Greater Mississauga Area (FCB),  Chair of the Cawthra Ratepayers' and Residents' Association (CRRA), this web-site is my own work done outside the group, for reasons that will become clear later on, in this web-site.  This web-site is my personal report to FCB & CRRA members, as well as, to all the taxpayers and residents of Mississauga and to Canadians in general, in regards to what has happened since Jan. 1994, when outraged residents said NO to the City's logging and tree farming of the Cawthra Bush.

Please note that many quoted items are scanned into this web-site and may not be exact. If you note such a case, please inform me so corrections can be made.  I work from the original copy, as much as reasonable possible.

In regards to spelling, on April 11/99 a complete spell check was done of all web-pages.  Before that, I didn't have an HTML editor with a spell checker or any other way to check spelling.  Nonetheless, there are many cases in letters and newspaper articles where the spelling is questionable.
UK English was used to check these web-pages with.  Some words that may appear not to be spelt correctly, are spelt as they appear in the original documents.

If you want to ask questions or have a story to tell about what goes on in Mississauga (that could be useful for understanding what goes on in the City of Mississauga), please E-mail it to


If you want to receive notice of both changes to this web-site and events relating to the efforts to save the Cawthra Bush and Mississauga's natural areas, please send me an e-mail asking to be put on the notification list, or just paste this text onto the e-mail.


the mailing address is:  Station B, Box 1504, Mississauga, Ontario  L4Y 4G2



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