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This page has not only the newest and past NEWS FLASHES, MEDIA RELEASES but also has ANNOUNCEMENTS and GENERAL NOTICES.
This page has issues about the struggle to save the
Cawthra Bush.
Dealing with issues relating to forest ecology, group activities, Freedom of Information requests, how the City treats
The Friends of the Cawthra Bush
Greater Mississauga Area (FCB)
and the
Cawthra Ratepayers and Residents Association (CRRA)
and our efforts, as well as those who have helped us.

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!!!! ATTENTION !!!!
Due to the on going legal assaults against my person

the likelihood that Hazel McCallion supporters
(including her bullies with guns Peel police),
will do everything in their power to destroy me, my reputation and my work since 1994 for the community - it is recommended that you make a copy of this web-site before it is destroyed by Law & Order.

I am sorry to inform you of this but when you take on the Queen of Sprawl
(Hazel McCallion), even if it is at the request the community, she will do all she can to hurt you and no act of evil is out-of-bounds.

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Ensure the Survival of the
Friends of the Cawthra Bush
  Important notice!!!!!
If you want to receive notice of both changes to this web-site and events relating to the efforts to save the Cawthra Bush and Mississauga's natural areas,
please send me an e-mail
asking to be put on the notification list or just paste this text to the e-mail.
Since, Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga has publicly expressed her concerns about my efforts to inform the public in regards to what is really going on in Mississauga,  bad things have been coming my way.

Barber’s Butterfly Banquet.
Officially, the first Internationally Certified & Registered
Monarch Butterfly Migration Waystation in Mississauga
- in fact - for all of PEEL!

The general Monarch Butterfly section.
Flowers with Wings

(Made possible by Mississauga Community Support.)


June 24, 2013

For years I have said that because of my work in the community for peoples Democratic Rights and the Environment,
which put me at odds with Hazel McCallion and her friends with guns, that it is legal to commit crime against me.
Well here is the proof, that few could deny.
A video that tell the story of how I was sent to prison for some 12 days, no call to lawyer and why?
Because a neighbour presented a pack of lies to get me arrested.
I have no reason to expect the Peel police to do the right thing and properly investigate
the Crown once they were shown the video would not totally withdraw the charges.
That is right - the Crown is shown a video that proves the so-called victim and her husband are making false statements,
assaulting me, threatening me and trying to destroy evidence - still they will not charge the accusers
or withdraw the charges without me signing a Peace Bond.
The Crown will withdraw all charges but I have to sign Pease Bond - why?
Innocent people do not have to sign Peace Bonds - to do so implies they were in the wrong - totally misleading
and puts me a further risk from people who are know to lie to police to get what they want & know their lies are welcome.

The legal way to attack your neighbours,
as it is approved by the Peel police & Peel Crown.

 In Peel / Mississauga this is how to deal with property issues and generally imprison those you just don’t like.
The currently posted YouTube video is titled
How to commit crime in Canada, against a community champion, using the police & governments methods.”
Better videos will be posted showing other videos of the lady who claims the road and other driveway as her property.

I know this video is long on talking and short on the video of the actual events but not easy for me to do better right now
& likely they will try to deal with this by covering it up and me too!
Please let know if you care.


Oct. 15, 2012

A case of election O-Z or they fooling us again?

My letter about the cancelling (maybe) of the
Sherway Power Plant which is currently under construction.

Sept. 28, 2011

Sherway Gas Power Plant  -  Greenfield South

2010 - 2011 - update - Mississauga

The Tory -
big red Liberal elephant has been seen!


Sept. 16, 2011

My picture to mark the passing of
Jack Layton
- NDP -

Aug. 25, 2011

Miss. Meow of the Butterfly Bushes
her 6 Kittens!

Looking for home for them - free!


Sept. 19, 2010

A butterfly scoop for the Friends of the Cawthra Bush

Point Pelee National Park
- on the north shore of Lake Erie is called migration funnel because birds of all kinds and Monarch Butterflies travel along the shore and then out into the lake
along the Pelee peninsula, making the distance to the south shore shorter.
So every year it is quite the sight to visit and by all accounts the largest gathering place of Monarch Butterflies in Canada, at one time.
I have visited in 2008 and of course it was too late in season - not a one did I see!
But did see the great set-up that the visitor Center has, for all ages, especially the kids.

More importantly was able to get the data that has been collected over the years regarding Monarch Butterfly migration.
Provided in pdf form print-outs.


July 20 - 2010

July 4, 2010

The very first Monarch Butterfly egg for 2010 has been found!

67 eggs in one day - well this be a grand year for the Monarchs!


July 4 - 2010

The UTM - NDP planting a Butterfly Garden
at the
University of  Toronto - Mississauga.

The hard working crew - or those left by end of planting.
Sure a butterfly will give you a kiss someday - when you least expect it!

May 27, 2010

A pioneer’s funeral

Bernice Inman-Emery - the Bird Lady of Mississauga
Sept. 3, 1918 - Jan 27, 2009 - age 90.

She was one of the pioneers in Canadian of the environmental & animals rights movement who carried on the work of Roy Ivor, internationally known for his work with understanding and healing birds. His work was published in National Geographic - Seeing Birds as Real Personalities. Because he lived with birds he came to see them not as some biological machine drive by instinct but as living creatures that not only could learn, they showed a range of emotions, like a sense of humor. He and Bernice were best know for showing that tender loving care does heal and that even if an animal could not return to the wild, it could share their home.

After the fire in 1970, that destroyed his home and most of the birds in his care, Mr. Ivor at age 90, was giving up. If it were not for the efforts of Bernice and others in the community that would have happened. Since that time Bernice played a more centre stage role of running the sanctuary and carrying on the work after Roy Ivor’s death in 1979. The Bird Sanctuary has run about 75 years and if the community wills it - it could go past 100.

Efforts are being made to try and get the City of Mississauga to work with the Toronto Wildlife centre to keep the Roy Ivor’s dream of a Bird - Wildlife Sanctuary alive, to show the current and future generations that we do care and did make right environmental choices.

Part of the effort to make sure this proud chapter in Canadian/Mississaugan history does not become just dust on the wind, is to find and retype all the news articles (and there are many), to not only file on-line, in our libraries but to try and use them support the case for awards, for Bernice and her life time of achievements to be property recognized.

Please come out to meet others in the community who share your concerns for nature and wildlife and to show your respects.

Feb. 8, Sunday - 1 to 3 pm - call 905 828-8000 to confirm.
At Neweduk - Erin Mills Chapel - 1981 Dundas St. W, Mississauga


Feb. 2-09

Its official!
Donald Barber is an Earth Angel for my work with Monarch Butterflies.

News Article here

Truly one of the better pictures of me.

If you want to be one to and plant a butterfly garden then contact me.


Feb. 2-09

Scoop -- News Release -- Scoop

!!!! City of Mississauga buys Roy Ivor Bird Sanctuary !!!!


So why is the South Peel Naturalists as the City of Mississauga to buy it now?
And what is the City saying it is try to buy it in 2009?

More on this confusing story here.

Jan. 13-09

Anthropomorphic picture of how tax paying Canadians feel
when it comes time to deal with their government, to get services they have paid for.

From birthday card by Palm Press - photo by Craig Orsini
Jan. 13-09

Historical pictures of old Cooksville (about 1957), and Applewood plaza (1962).
Jan. 12-09

Roy Ivor - the Birdman of Erindale
Bernice Inman-Emery
- the Bird Lady of Mississauga

More about the death of the dream of a Bird Sanctuary in Mississauga,
ruled by the Queen of Sprawl.

New evidence of how important Roy Ivor's gift to Mississauga - future generations really is.
Because he bought some 40 acres in 1928 and
that helped keep the area wild.

described as the most beautiful valley and largest tract of continuous woods in Mississauga, Roy Ivor Woodlot,
while drastically altered, still remains one of the city's largest forests."

We should rename the Sawmill Valley Creek & Trail area
after the man who's efforts over the years save this forested area from developers.
The actually Bird Sanctuary area should be named after Bernice Inman for her many years of efforts.
(This is my Christmas eve posting - he gave us a present - can we return the favour?)


Dec. 13-08

Here is a short slide show about the

Death of the Electric Car

- that's right -
In North American the most important change we need - from gas to electric for our cars and transportation needs has been undermined by both business and mostly government by way of the oil industry having its "good old boys" in key positions of power.  This slide show does not go into all the details, however there is a video call "who kill the electric car?".
You should watch and get very mad about the facts in this case
or visit the the Wikipedia site for these details.

The slide show

And in Canada there is the shameful story of the ZENN car.
The Canadian-made ZENN - Zero Emissions, No Noise car, for less than $17,000.
So clearly a Canadian success story the reasons why it is illegal in most provinces are obviously,
it is a Canadian success story that the U.S. of A. can't allow!

Toronto-based ZENN ( has sold about 350 ZENNs,
mainly in the U.S., where 40 states allow "neighbourhood electric vehicles".
In Canada, ZENNs are street legal only in Quebec and British Columbia.
Not coincidentally, vehicles are built in St.-Jerome.
So when smug Canadian's say they are smarter then Americans - not so.


Monarch Butterfly Rescue
This year I am almost overwhelmed - in 2008 was 452, last year total was 168.

Persons of note who attended the Monarch release.
In 2008 more effort was given to getting the public to come out and help set the butterflies free
- to get everyone involved.

Frank de Jong the Leader of the Green Party of Ontario.

Richard Laushway the candidate for Green Party in Mississauga South

Events & Projects;

This year was great success was the butterfly garden planting.
It was started last year but really took off this year thanks to donation from the community.

Visited the "migration funnel" - Point Pelee park, the most southern point of mainland Canada.
From which important data regarding migrating Monarch Butterflies was gathered and published on this web-site for the first time.


Up-date on the Transcanada 683 megawatt natural gas-fired power plant
in the town of Halton Hills.

News papers out side of the GTA really get into reporting local events far more than the GTA does.


A visit to Toronto's Kensington Market reveals a new use for old cars.


Beautiful Creatures

Media coverage of my efforts to Rescue Monarch Butterflies,
This time by the Toronto Sun - full page of colour & great pictures!

All hail the flying Monarch

Media coverage of my efforts to Rescue Monarch Butterflies
there are pictures from 2006 and 2007 for each day,
so you can see how they develop, as well as the details of their life.
Hope to add video soon.

Flowers with Wings


Due to Bail conditions I am not allowed in Mississauga City hall, but currently
I  am  HUNG  in  City  hall
by local artist - Lauire Kallis but she did not frame me!

Apr.  6 - 2007

The greatest irony is what this show is called!

Save Mississauga's Forests
By Therese Gain Taylor - Citizens for Ethical Civic Engagement

An Internet Petition - To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

The hard copy petition has gathered about 2000 signatures including: Dr. Riina Bray, co-author of Report on Public Heath & Urban Sprawl, Marty Collier, Linda Pim, Jeff Laidlaw, authors Trent, Jill and Jesse Frayne, Clayton Ruby and June Callwood.

What Will the Next Generation Eat?

Dec.  8 - 2006

What's for dinner when we choose to build houses on our best GTA food lands?
What will the next generation eat?
That was the question repeatedly posed by members of Citizens for Ethical Civic Engagement (CECE) at an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing recently held in Brampton. To dramatize their appeal, a plate, fork, knife and a cement brick was submitted as evidence by environmental justice activist Steven Kaasgaard. ...

What - will - the next generation eat?

Voting for Fennell/McCallion Means
Voting for More Sprawl, Less Farmland

Gain Taylor was given party status for the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing, which starts November 14th in Brampton Court on Ray Lawson Boulevard.  Of six parties, she is the only one who has not settled with Peel Region. She hasn’t given up on curbing sprawl and preserving precious farmland, including apple orchards and pumpkin patches enjoyed by so many city dwellers throughout the fall.

Excessive Logging - 1/4 Billion Monarchs Die
 In A Single Night

On Jan. 12, 2002, an estimated 250 million monarchs died - an
astounding quarter-billion insects perished in a single night.
Their bodies and wings fluttered to the forest floor,
piling up 2 feet or more in some places.

Best Election Sign Ever!
it used one of my Monarch butterfly pictures,
{you have to look really close to see that even the butterflies and flowers are singing her praise}.

Nov.  15 - 2006

Her election web-site is here.

Sierra Club Settles For More GTA Sprawl

and why McCallion & Fennell should be handed their walking papers}

    Sierra Club of Canada, Peel Region Group, is ignoring gridlock, food security issues, as well as dire predictions about climate change and has settled their appeal to save 6,000 acres of prime farmland in North West Brampton.  "This decision will wreak havoc with the daily lives of GTA residents," charges the group's past conservation chair.

    "With scientists and even economists now raising the alarm bells on our climate crisis how can we afford to ignore this exploitive expansion of the GTA?  Regional councilors approved this amendment unanimously.  For ignoring the daily news, they should all get their walking papers in the upcoming election, especially Susan Fennell and Hazel McCallion," charges Therese Gain Taylor, who was also the past co-chair of the Challenge to Sprawl Campaign for Sierra Club's Ontario Chapter.

    "If the settlement agreement is approved by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), more of the GTA's precious farmland will be buried under houses.  More victims suffering from respiratory problems will fill the GTA's overburdened hospitals.  More carbon emissions, which Canadians are legally committed by Kyoto to curtail, will be added to our overburdened atmosphere."

    Gain Taylor was given party status for the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing starting November 14th in Brampton.  Of five parties, she is the only one with outstanding issues.  She hasn't given up on the dream of curbing urban sprawl and preserving precious farmland, including apple orchards and pumpkin patches enjoyed by so many city dwellers throughout the fall. 

    "It is vital that we act now to protect our remaining precious farmland.  It is vital now more than ever with the climate crisis that we feed ourselves from local sources.  If our country's largest metropolis cannot feed itself from local sources, we will be a third world country," predicts Taylor.

    Taylor as well as several other founding members of the Peel Region Group was one of the original signatories to the OMB appeal.  Six of seven of those executive committee members also quit the club.

    Taylor resigned in the spring because she questioned the leadership of the regional group, especially how the interim chair was handling the farmland appeal.

    On behalf of the group, Peter Orphanos, along with developers, the City of Brampton, Brampton Brick and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing settled the appeal with the Regional Municipality last Friday.  Full details of the settlement agreement with Sierra Club have not been disclosed.

    While it seems surprising that Sierra Club would settle for more sprawl, "it is not surprising to me," says Taylor.  "This chair doesn't understand the issues, especially the multi-edged, sprawl sword --- air pollution and its affect on our health, gridlock, food security and climate change."

    Taylor, like many American Sierra Club members, including Paul Watson, questioned Sierra Club's policy on massive immigration.  Sierra Club of Canada won't properly address the politically sensitive immigration policy because of a huge donation granted to its American counterpart.

    "In terms of climate change, how much sense does it make to welcome massive numbers of people from more temperate climates to the GTA each year.  Our climate is often very inhospitable.  If we are going to wrestle our carbon emissions to the ground, we've got to become more efficient about keeping bodies comfortable, warm during winter, cool during the dog days of summer, before we welcome the world to our doorstep.  Transportation is also a key carbon problem since Brampton doesn't have a decent public transit system."

- 30 -

Contact: Therese Gain Taylor, Citizens for Ethical Civic Engagement

Oct. 31 - 2006.

Oct. 11  -  2006
This is about something that all amateur naturalists' or those who struggling to save a forest or wetlands, etc., wish for.
To discover something so new it deserves to be
mentioned in a scientific journal or written up in a report.

Click here to view.

In the past I have found the
Jefferson Salamanders, the Fairy shrimp
and the Chimney Building Crayfish, in the Cawthra Bush.
Important, yes but now there is recognition of something more important as it deals with the habitat requirements of Jefferson Salamanders, necessary for designing proper conservation plans.

Natalie Helferty is an amphibian biologist & natural heritage ecologist with expertise regarding the Jefferson Salamander and actively involved in protecting the habitat of this endangered species within the Jefferson forest in Richmond Hill on the Oak Ridges Moraine.  She has written a report for Save the Rouge System Inc. and the City of Toronto, called

Natural Heritage Planning for Amphibians and their Habitats

It is a 71 page report, on page 18 & 19 is reference to what I have both observed and supplied two pictures of, Jefferson Salamanders nesting/denning communally.  On page 60, References, it states;
"Barber, Don. 2000. Friends of the Cawthra Bush. Personal Communication."

It is very rare for a grassroots group to be honoured so but we earned it.

Kenneth L. Easton - DVM
Veterinarian Extraordinary - Obituary

Sept. 21 - 2006.

Ken Easton was one of the main Vets who help in the effort and spoke a number of times but no one could stop the grinding effort from City hall to put a end to the Cat shelter, not even the local Ward Councillor David Culham, could find reason in the Mayor's chair.  Ken even diagnosed "Flipper" of the 60's fame problem - Mississauga soot!

Lois Stevens (the "Cat Lady"), writes about Ken;

I first met Ken in the late 80's. He was a quiet spoken gentleman, with great compassion for all animals.

He had many dreams regarding animal welfare and with tenacity he followed them. He spoke with elegance on behalf of animals and he wrote superb letters to politicians to change Bill C-50 in Parliament.

The Veterinarian world will miss you Ken.

Gave a tour of the Cawthra Bush to Cawthra Parks S.S. teachers.

Natalie Helferty
is running for public office in
Richmond Hill.
She has been of great help us on the Cawthra Bush issue.
Below is her message to environmental voters.

To all my friends and supporters of the environment, Yes indeed, I am running for Town Council in Richmond Hill! 

After many years of fighting to protect the Oak Ridges Moraine, forming a consensus to develop a plan for the Greenbelt, and providing many volunteer hours toward improving transportation, infrastructure and planning in Richmond Hill, it's time for me to move from 'advocate' to 'decision-maker'. 

This is a golden opportunity for both myself, and you, as supporters of all my work over the years to 'become the change we want to see', as Ghandi aptly said. 

I've presented The NOAH Project tying biodiversity to climate change with a message of a Vision for Renewal at many conferences over the years. The time is ripe to bring this message into action. Climate change adaptation in the face of rising oil costs is the 'Think Globally' part; now it's time for me to 'Act Locally' as a Councillor! 

I recently presented at The Natural City conference at UofT on the need for 'localization' to support our communities and local business to ensure we have the support system in place to become self-sufficient and economical with our resources as well as to save energy, time and effort for all residents. Life is too short to spend it sitting in gridlock traffic--we need to enjoy our communities and the natural bounty that we've managed to protect here in Richmond Hill. 

Planning for our aging population is imperative, as well as ensuring hope for our youth that we will leave them a better place to live. The past decisions of Council has brought us to where we are today. But, we can do better...we must do better. This is our opportunity to do so! 

It's time to plan for the future, honour the past, while living fully in the present. All life depends on good decisions...and I'm hoping to be the one to help make those future choices to better our world. 

I am stepping out to take the chance to run and make a positive change...but it's a very long interview process to do so. Every resident will be rightly evaluating my ability to lead and respond.

But I can't do it takes a team. I hope you will join my team and assist in this very fruitful effort to bring a breath of fresh air onto Town Council and to the broader world. Because you know I'll be continuing to educate other leaders, who in turn will make their own decisions in their towns. That is how democracy improves conditions.

So if you can spare some time or some funds toward my campaign, it will be the best investment you can make this year toward our future.

Flyers, signs and displays at town hall meetings cost money. Developers are the main contributors to campaigns and they tend not to be a fan of my activities to protect nature unfortunately. So, it will be up to me and you together as residents and supporters of conservation to make this happen, the way true democracy and accountable leadership should operate .

As Margaret Mead said "Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed citizens to change the world, in fact it is the only thing that ever has." Wise words from a wise woman. We will do it!

Thank you all for your support over the years and your donations.

I look forward to leading this Town and this planet into a wonderful new future for 'all creatures great and small', including us as a part of nature.

Natalie Helferty

The Natural Choice

416-460-2460 Cell if you wish to help out door-knocking and flyers!

Voting day is Monday, November 13, 2006. Don't forget!

For donations: cheques can be made in my name and sent to:

27A - 81 Northern Heights Drive, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4C9

A separate account has been set up. Receipts over $25 will be issued.

Unfortunately, since this is a municipal election, donation receipts can not be used on your federal income tax. My blessing & knowing you helped nature will be your reward. Bless you & Thank you!

See for more information.

The media shows up
Rogers Cable 10 News - First Local.

Aug. 23 - 2006.

To cover the
Monarch Butterfly Rescue

Monarch Butterfly

Aug. 7 - 2006.

With their numbers dropping dramatically in the world due to mans destruction of their habitat - all efforts by those who can, are important to save this beautiful butterfly that migrates thousands of miles each year.  A very hard and dangerous trip for a bird incredibly more for such a small insect.

In an effort to aid their survival, I am trying to raise as many as I can to set free in the fall and hope for best - that they make their way south and return to breed in the following year.  Doing what I can.

Will be up-dated almost daily - watch them grow!

Over the years I have become known and respected
as the local expert regarding the Cawthra Bush and City hall.

July 25 - 2006.

As one of goals of the Friends of the Cawthra Bush is to educate the public as to the facts
I have over the years taught classes about the Cawthra Bush in the local schools, gave tours of the forest and set-up our display & made many presentations at both our public meetings as well as others.
Here are just a few examples - with pictures.

My Efforts Rescuing Canada Geese
A Certificate of Appreciation
From the Canadian Wildlife Service

July 21 - 2006

A Risky & Oily Rescue.

Up Dates to the
Therese Taylor's

July 3 - 2006

Gore's message strikes home - An Inconvenient Truth
As well as other items.

Discovery During a
 School Outing.

Jan.  15  -  2006

Students find the snakes and salamanders
that the high paid government consultants
could NOT!

Therese Taylor

Dec.  3  -  2005

A Mississauga environmentalist activist
has become the Conservation Chair for the Peel Region Group - Sierra Club of Canada.

There is more about her efforts to - Save Mississauga Forests - and stop the - Highway 401 Expansion In Mississauga.
Her Mississauga News  - Guest Column - May 18, 2005

Preserving nature benefits all of us

PRESS RELEASE ­   -   November 30, 2005
Dec. 1  -  2005
List of Scientists and Citizens Calling for a
Steady State Economy
Reaches 1,000 !

                       •       List maintained by the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, Arlington, VA
•       Signatories include renowned scientists and economists
•       Signatures supplemented by endorsements and professional society position statements

    Arlington, VA (November 30, 2005) ­ The one thousandth signature was obtained today on an internet petition maintained by the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, or “CASSE.”  The CASSE petition explains what economic growth is, identifies the major threats posed by economic growth, and calls for the establishment of a steady state economy before the American and global economies exceed the capacity of the environment to support them.  A steady state economy, the petition explains, is achieved when population and consumption are stabilized.  Eventually, the petition states, the American government should lead other nations to develop their own steady state economies.

    The signature list includes prominent scientists such as Wes Jackson, James Karr, and Reed Noss, as well as leading resource economists such as John Loomis, Tom Power, and John Ikerd.  William Rees and Mathis Wackernagel, developers of the “ecological footprint” concept, have signed.  Several conservation organization presidents and past presidents have signed as well, including Brent Blackwelder (Friends of the Earth), Rod Heitschmidt (Society for Range Management), and John Proops (International Society for Ecological Economics).  Doug LaFollette, Wisconsin Secretary of State, is one of several politicians who have signed. Herman Daly - one of the founders of ecological economics - serves on the CASSE Board of Advisors, helped craft the CASSE position, and was one of the first signatories.

    Brian Czech, President of CASSE, says CASSE’s “number one goal is to educate citizens and policy makers of the fundamental conflict between economic growth and environmental protection, economic sustainability, national security and international stability.”  The petition, found at, is one of CASSE’s primary educational tools.

    In addition to its signature list, CASSE has a list of endorsements from conservation organizations, and works with professional natural resources societies, such as the Ecological Society of America, to develop their own positions on economic growth.  According to Shannon Pederson, CASSE Public Relations Director, “natural resources professionals will have to take a stance on economic growth.  Otherwise, economic policy is left entirely to economists, corporations, and politicians, all of whom seek to maximize economic growth without understanding the perils.”


End  of  Cheap  Oil,
                     June 17  -  2005
means  the  end  of  our  current  economy
the  life  style  it  supports,
specifically  the

end  of  the  suburbia  life  style

The  Canadian  documentary
** The  End  of  Suburbia **

Will  be  shown  - Free  Admission
June  29  -  Wed.  -  7 pm
at  the 
Unitarian  Congregation  of  South  Peel
84  South  Service  Rd.  (just  east  of  Hurontario  Str.)

and  presenting  the  model  for  a   New  Urban  Development  Economy   and  Continuous  Communities,
that  can  deal  with  many  of  the  problems  coming  our  way.

A  must  see  for  anyone  under  30!

To  discover  the  more  please  visit

If you or (hopefully) a group would like to view the documentary
                     June 10  -  2005
The End  of  Suburbia
and discover how the Canadian,
if not the world, economy that is geared to the
suburbia life style, that will soon be coming to an end
then please contact us .

Does it mean the end to places like Mississauga?

Another victory !
                     June 10  -  2005
The proposed  Natural Gas Power Plant in the Cawthra area
will not go ahead!
BUT one very close by is still planed - what is it (or who) about Mississauga that said dump on us?

Even the
Globe and Mail is warning us that using
Natural gas to generate our electricity is unwise

                     May 29  -  2005
"Imagine the premier of Ontario explaining to voters that the province can't build a Kyoto friendly gas plant to replace the doomed coal burners because Alberta needs the clean fuel to make oil for American SUVs."

French draining of a wetlands by an underground large pipe
                     May 19  -  2005
Draining the Cawthra wetlands & surrounding community towards
the C.N. Rail road tracks
as noted in the Culham Brief

The Bob Hunter Tribute Book

Memorial to Community Heroes & Eco-Warriors

                     May 17  -  2005

This section of web-pages is set-up to HONOUR those who stood while most sat down,
they spoke reason while most were silent,

in defense of all our human rights & the environment.

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"The End  of  Suburbia" and the economy that supports it
The Solution to it
A  New  Urban  Development Economy

                     May 17  -  2005

Tired of hearing about all the environmental doom and gloom (Click here), with little to nothing you can do about it? 
Now there is a plan to solve most of the problems.

!!!!!!! It is also about JOBS FOR LIFE !!!!!!!

Main stream media is now loudly warning us that this is to be taken VERY seriously!

The Applewood Ratepayers
                     May 17  -  2005

are fighting the planned EPCOR Natural gas power plant
that puts the Cawthra Bush right in the environmental study area.
Visit their web-site and help out if you can.

Citizens against EPCOR in Mississauga

More about what the Friends of the Cawthra Bush are doing to help.

Will Ontario government plans to use it for power generation
endanger supplies
, create shortages & drive  prices  up?

                     May 17  -  2005
???? Will it lead to drilling in the Arctic ????

The letter to Tim Peterson MPP about Natural gas supplies.

Secret  Security  Program  Memo

                     Oct.  31  -  2004
Canadians say this does not happen in Canada
well, here is proof that even Canadian Cities do it.
Canadian politicians can be secretly out to get you
or a group that opposes them.

the Northern Flying-Squirrel
Fights to Stay in Canada.
                     Oct. 15  -  2004

Ontario Municipal Board
The Culham Brief
                     Oct. 8  -  2004
Questions of Conflict of Interest & Bias in an
  Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) precedent - setting Hearing.

      Do you want to legalize Scandalous or Corrupt conduct
                  in the government of Ontario?

  Or are you SICK of Scandal and Injustice at taxpayers expense?
NOW you can help taxpayers
To hold bureaucrats accountable
Before they do the same Injustice to YOU.

         We need you to judge, those who would judge us!
If you do not stand up for the rights of others - then you will surely lose yours!

Other Ontarian's letters about OMB members.

July 5  -  2004
What could be Therese's last E-mail and when you read it, can you feel the Despair & Broken Heartiness she feels, while making what could be her finial attempt at finding support for this just cause?

As Canadians we own it to her and our Democracy, to carry on and E-mail all those we could help and contact the media, to encourage them to report this.  This that should not be allowed!

It was communicated to Therese that it is the Mayor - Hazel McCallion - that is telling the developer to unleash the legal dogs upon those who exercise their Democratic rights and express their feeling about how a developer is conducting their business in Mississauga.
"Longo told me that they (I assumed he meant the landowner, Fitzwood) had received a call from the Mayor's office to say that the emails had to stop."
If nothing else it proves that the E-mail campaign is having the desired effect and
should be increased.

When is a deal to save rare trees - not a deal?
June 20  -  2004
When it is made in the Mississauga, ruled by the Queen of Urban sprawl!
You should read this and be shocked how honest people
who try and work within the system,
for the good of the community can get so

badly deceived and screwed, while trying to do the right thing.

Legal Loophole Drives Sewer Through Tree Preservation Area
[ Another story first made public on this Web-site! ]

The Draining of the
Cawthra (Bush) Wetlands
by a Very Large
Watermain Trench
June 20  -  2004

Culham Trail becomes the Culham Creek
and a fine place to canoe!
June 20  -  2004
For years the Culham Trail would has sections of it wash out and have to be replaced, a great taxpayers expense.  The City took no notice from those who brought this to their attention, so in 1997 we observe that the Culham Trail had washed out and decided to do something about it.
The Mississauga City Council - Mar. 31-04 - Meeting
The re-Zoning from HELL!
Apr. 26  -  2004
I addressed this Council meeting as the City wished to approve zoning for the
Cawthra Bush that was very wrong indeed.  It included;
*   Allowing for a commercial school or academy for the performing arts, within 200 feet of the only breeding pond for Jefferson Salamanders,
a threaten species
(for both Ontario and Canada)  likley left in Mississauga and maybe the Region of Peel.
*  Not providing all the documents to the Credit Valley Conservation involved in this matter.
*   Not involving the Ministry of Natural Resources MNR, as there was a threatened species on site.
*   Stating the City's intends to fill-in the wells in the Cawthra Bush that have been used to measure water table levels.
*   The City Planner refuses to provide the documents regarding this zoning even I stood right in front of her at the Planning counter,
contrary to the City posted notice.

Just to note a few things wrong with this zoning process.
The meeting itself was even worse!

In fact the Mayor even told the Ward Councillor not to speak!
More here.

Lists of Elected Officals - over the years for;
Apr. 24  -  2004
  Streetsville                 Township  of  Toronto

Town of Mississauga         City Of Mississauga

The Ontario Vernal Pool Association

Apr. 14  -  2004
The purpose of this website is to raise awareness about the significance of vernal pool ecosystems and their associated wildlife to the people of Ontario.  Vernal pools are important because of their contribution to groundwater recharge, flood attenuation, maintenance of water quality, as habitat for species at risk, and to the preservation of biological diversity and ecological integrity.
The Positive Benefits of Urban and Forest

in General to the Surrounding
Human Community
Apr. 14  -  2004
Including; Medical Benefits (just looking at a forest can improve your health and help heal you!), Real Estate Values & Trees or Forests, Urban Hydrology,  Local Economic Development, Trees as Religious Symbols, Psychological, The Sensory Dimensions of Trees
and other interesting effects.

Apr. 14  -  2004

The Negative Impacts on the Environment by

Human and Urban Development
Apr. 12  -  2004
A listing of material sent regarding the request for studies, documents etc., that in some way referred to the negative impacts of human urban development on the natural environment. 
The City is again trying to  inappropriately Rezone the Cawthra Bush

decommission or destroy Cawthra's wells
Mar. 25  -  2004
Which are a important tool for measuring
the local water table or studying the hydrology.
Also proof the City is deceving us
when it says it will do a
"detailed inventory of herptile population and continued seasonal monitoring of population levels,"

Ontario Municipal Board - OMB
Feb. 29  -  2004
Code of Conduct, Public Complaints Policy
And Member Position Description

D.J. Culham  the  OMB  Member
(Ex-City of Mississauga Councillor)
who heard the Northmount case
is in a Conflict of Interest or has a Bias as the judge for this matter.
Feb. 21  -  2004
This my letter to the Ontario Municipal Board
about this issue and it will be followed up with a far more detailed one.
Of all the people who could have heard this matter
he was the absolutely the worse choice
when you read the full list of reasons, you will likely agree.
But then the Mayor was acting like the fix was already in and when it come to her getting her way, the law is not a barrier.
For more on the McCallion methods, here & here.

Mississauga News - Letter to Editor  -  Feb. 11-04
Feb. 21  -  2004
It notes two old friends meeting again - Paul Szabo and David Culham
and poses the question it is a good business decision on the part of the City to eliminate "mature" communities, as it will profit greatly
but should the City be treating our homes and communities as its assets?

Moldenhauer Development's plans show
Feb. 21  -  2004

We are being told that these townhouses will be high class and quality
but how could that be, given the facts?

Jan. 12th,  City Planning Meeting Minutes

Feb. 21  -  2004
READ - How the Mayor plays Silly Bugger
and claims the City's environmental committee all resigned because of me!

Does our Mayor know the Fix Is In at the Ontario Municipal Broad (OMB)?
An important sound clip!!

So speaks the Queen of Urban Sprawl, another sound clip there.

The Mayor lets the cat out of the bag as to how the City is going to get rid of established "mature" communities' ( here  &  here ), that are not earning the City enough money and have no one important, to the City, in them.
and what the Mayor is all about.

The Great Irony in all this is, the Friends of the Cawthra Bush got started as the City wanted to cut down the
Trees in the Cawthra Bush (then the rest of the City),

to make money for the City coffers.
Now we are trying to save peoples homes & property in
"mature" Communities,  from being treated the same way,
by the City's axe lady!
Is there no end the Queen of Urban Sprawl's mad lust for money?

Feb. 4th,  Public meeting
Feb. 18  -  2004
told by way of pictures.
The Mayor comes out and tells us how it is going to be.
Developers matter more to the City then taxpayers, the community they work so hard to create or the Cawthra Bush.
Homeowners & Taxpayers shout back you are not listening to us!!!

Paul Szabo
Jan. 29  - 2004
The Member of Parliament for Mississauga South,
has written 2 letters in our support
that noted how unjustly we have been treated.
His Jan. 12th letter    -    His Jan. 27th letter
Read on to find out the full extent of his assistance!

The January Newsletter
Jan. 29  - 2004
about how the City is still out to ELIMINATED
both the Northmount community & the Cawthra Bush.

Notice of meetings

Is the City's latest notice of a public meeting

Jan. 29  - 2004
sounding a bit like a thinly veiled THREAT?

Your community is to be
by order of City Council, says developer.
Dec. 1  - 2003
DEC. 9  -  TUESDAY  -  7:00 pm


Call the OMB planner Katherine Kirzati 416 326-6796 for more details.
and get a-load of these quotes!

Unlawful methods
Dec. 1  - 2003
being used by the City of Mississauga
to endanger a Provincially Significant Wetland Complex, habitat for the Jefferson Salamander and eliminate the community that has protected it.
Nov.  23  - 2003
Northmount Rezoning Maps

This section will detail items relating to the Northmount Ave., rezoning, zoning in that area, in general and how it will, in time, eliminate the existing existing human community and the Cawthra Bush.

Official Plan Amendment and Rezoning Applications
Ontario Municipal Board Appeal

Nov.  17  - 2003
Two meetings are coming up Nov. 20 & Dec. 8/03
Your help in attending and speaking up, that the developer plans are far too much for the Cawthra community and will lead to more and more
townhouse subdivisions bombs being dropped.
This will destroy the Cawthra Bush!!!
Please contact me if you can help, in any way.

The City claims to be against this but without public out-cry little will change, we can make a difference.

Sound Chip Gallery
for the
Cawthra Bush Web-site

Nov.  17  - 2003
Now all the sound clicks are one page and links to documents
but not all that explain them.
You still have surf around a bit.

Nov.  8  - 2003
One of the most closely guarded secrets in Mississauga City Hall.
The City's computerized file management system.
The key to all the City's files and its politicians & staff's dirty secrets.
What's more - This method can be used at almost any government office to access its file!

Nov.  7  - 2003
M-716  -  M-870  - M-947MO-1497  - MO-1519

Important or key IPC Orders.  That have been posted for a while but due to a space in their file names some were showing as a broken link - that no one told me about.

Nov. 6  - 2003
This is about something that all amateur naturalists' or those who struggling to save a forest or wetlands, etc., wish for.
To discover something so new it deserves to be
mentioned in a scientific journal or written up in a report.
In the past I have found the
Jefferson Salamanders, the Fairy shrimp
and the Chimney Building Crayfish, in the Cawthra Bush.
Important, yes but now there is recognition of something more important as it deals with the habitat requirements of Jefferson Salamanders, necessary for designing proper conservation plans.

Natalie Helferty is an amphibian biologist & natural heritage ecologist with expertise regarding the Jefferson Salamander and actively involved in protecting the habitat of this endangered species within the Jefferson forest in Richmond Hill on the Oak Ridges Moraine.  She has written a report for Save the Rouge System Inc. and the City of Toronto, called

Natural Heritage Planning for Amphibians and their Habitats

It is a 71 page report, on page 18 & 19 is reference to what I have both observed and supplied two pictures of, Jefferson Salamanders nesting/denning communally.  On page 60, References, it states
"Barber, Don. 2000. Friends of the Cawthra Bush. Personal Communication."
It is very rare for a grassroots group to be honoured so but we earned it.


Nov. 6  - 2003
I Caught the Mayor, Hazel McCallion red-handed with my
"personal information", that is a No-No
& the IPC ruled against the City.

I Caught City of Mississauga red-handed with my "personal information"
& the IPC ruled against the City.

I was winning this struggle but it only made the City fight dirty

Canadian  Environmental  Law  Association
Nov. 6  - 2003
Made a submission on our behalf and how sweet it is to have the written opinion of a lawyer regarding the claims (or as I would say lies!), by the City of Mississauga.  This is not the only time a lawyer has explained why the City was in the wrong or
the Information and Privacy Commissioner Office but it is in writing.

"We submit that this claim, on the part of the City,
lacks credibility."

Compliance Complaint against the City of Mississauga

Nov. 6  - 2003
"personal information" was inappropriately Broadcast
to all City staff, Blacklisting me from getting services at City hall.
Including talking to an elected official!
The City's FOI Co-ordinator claims the
Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario
ordered her to do it.
Or was it the Devil???
Or was it Hazel McCallion???

Compliance Complaint Against
Region of Peel
Ministry of Natural Resources
City of  Mississauga
Nov. 6  - 2003
The Region of Peel and the Ministry of Natural Resources
Have been caught forwarding my FOI requests to the
City of Mississauga.
I say it is improper and is the City running a unlawful personal information bank that tracks the FOI requests made outside the City?
??? Is this BIG SISTER watching us by way of FOI requests ???

Request for special reconsideration
The Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario
Ann Cavoukian
Nov. 6  - 2003
As the City of Mississauga is greatly abusing one of the IPC Orders, I am requesting the IPC show some responsibility as it would be the moral and ethical thing to do and withdraw the Orders in question.
So further damage to our Democracy and its supporters will not occur.

Freedom  of  Information  Petition
Sept. 23  - 2003
5 more FOI requests were filed,
during the Green Party's Leaders   visit - Sept. 22-03.

Stripping Canadians of Our Democratic & Human Rights!
How far will this go?    Will you be next?
Sept. 7  - 2003

Executive Summary

The News Release

FOI Request to MPPs'

Natalie Helferty, Ecologist

Sept.  7  - 2003
She writes, "The City is now responsible for 1/13 of all
Jefferson salamanders in Ontario.
That responsibility cannot be taken lightly."

Natalie Helferty is an amphibian biologist & ecologist with expertise regarding the Jefferson salamander and actively involved in protecting the habitat of this endangered species within the Jefferson forest in Richmond Hill on the Oak Ridges Moraine.  She has written a letter to help the Green Party's efforts to use the FOI Act to access City of Mississauga records, for the benefit of the community.  The City is denying everyone the necessary information to oppose the City's actions (and inaction's) that will, in time, eliminate the Cawthra Bush's only protection from over use and development, its environmental significance.

This includes the Jefferson Salamanders!


Oct. 15  - 2002

V.4 N.1, Oct. - 2002

- What you can do to help  &  upcoming important dates. Oct. 17, 23 & 24.
- Development on Northmount Ave., that will see a population explosion around the Cawthra Bush.
- General UPDATE - in brief, some of what has happened since the last newsletter, Aug. 2000.
- How far will the City go in eliminating the FCB & those who disagree with Mississauga's politicians?

An article about the Cawthra Bush & our work, has been printed in the
Sept. 23  - 2002

[The newsletter of the Adopt-A-Pond, Wetland Conservation Programme,
at the Toronto Zoo OR on this web-page with colour pictures]

Sorry that this web-site has not been fully updated with all the details and pictures from this springs Vernal pond work.
We are working each day on some part of making it happen & generally redo this whole web-site.
If you would like to be informed when the web-site is updated then send us an e-mail and you will be added to the list.
If you want a copy of this newsletter you can contact either us or the Adopt-A-Pond program - we love to hear from you & maybe you could renew your membership.

The article by: Bentley Christie  & The Vernalis Project

Photo Gallery

July 7 - 2002
details about the all that lives in the
Cawthra Bush
More updates in the matter of a City of Mississauga and its staff making
false statements.
This also involves a Freedom of Information (FOI) request made to the City.
Mar.  30 - 2002
From the Internet Public Hearing
"Complaint and Analysis of Commissioner's Response" and
"How did the City Commissioner make false statements
before a formal tribunal?"
As well as.
The response to the false written statements of Mississauga Commissioner
before a tribunal of the
Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO).


Mar. 3 - 2002

Something this web-site has needed for a long time.

Mar. 1 - 2002
David M. Green,
Chair of the
Writes to us about the Federal ranking of the Jefferson Salamander.
Clayton  C.  Ruby
- Barrister -
Feb. 5 - 2002
One of Canada leading environmental and human rights lawyer
wrote a letter in our defence!
For years the City has harassed our members and there was little we could do as the police were becoming the weapon of choice by the City, against us.
Now the City is on notice that it is out of line by one of Canada's leading human rights lawyer.  Also a police complaint is being dealt with in which the police filed false notes about our members peacefully getting petitions signed in a City park.

We know the City takes this letter very seriously by the effort it makes to
try and hide it!

Check out the other list of new items as the Peel police, the same police force the City likes to use against us, are now
arresting people for just writing letters!
Liberals make a sham of
Access to Information Act

Feb. 5 - 2002
Those who have been following the fight to save the Cawthra Bush know our greatest weapon has been the use of the Freedom of Information Act and the Mayor of Mississauga herself shut it down to stop us from getting City records.  Some have found the things the City is doing hard to believe or that they have so much help from the FOI Commissioners office that should be helping us.
Now, proof that this part of a growing trend in Canadian politics, comes by way of a newspaper articles.  Not only are we losing our right to know but a corner stone of democracy itself!
The Urban Amphibian Bunker
Jan. 16 - 2002
Amphibian - Mole (Jefferson) Salamander
 Herptile in General
 Habitat Creation and Protection,
 in Urban/Park Forests/Wetlands.

This a discussion page about what can or could be done, not just protect amphibians and their habitat but to provide what is necessary to ensure their survival and population growth.
Your input is greatly appreciated!
Click here

Have you ever seen a duck
in a tree

Jan. 16 - 2002
New pages showing the many
interesting and beautiful birds
in the Cawthra Bush

- Pileated Woodpeckers - Saw-Whet Owl - Scarlet Tanager - Wood ducks

A visit to the Cawthra Bush
by the
Leader of the Green Party Ontario
Nov. 10 / 2001
Jan. 10 - 2002
An important visit by one of Ontario's political leaders, even the wildlife made a point of coming out to be seen and be photographed.  The Green Party has taken an interest in how the City of Mississauga has denied Mississaugans their democratic right to know the facts.
As well as, the City's efforts to remove the habitat that rare and threatened wildlife depend on.

Jan. 10 - 2002
!!!! DENIED !!!!



The Green Party of Ontario, has had its Freedom of Information (FOI), request denied that was presented to the City of Mississauga to discover the facts about what the City was doing to the habitat of the Jefferson Salamanders and the rare Walled Garden in the Cawthra Bush.  It is hard to believe but it is true.  A recognized and legitimate political party in Canada has been told by City staff they can not have access to City records they need to help Mississaugans.

If that was not unbelievable just wait to you hear the reason.  The City is claiming guilty by association as a lawful reason.  That is right, the City of Mississauga is claiming, that it believes there is some kind of association between the Green Party and the President of the FCB & Chair of the CRRA.   The inquiry that is reviewing this could set a very dangerous legal precedence.

BUT IT IS !!!!!!
Walled Garden
Dec. 6 - 2001
At long last some pictures have been added to show the world what really happened and what Mississaugans lost.                                                                              And more to come.
Urban Forest Management in the Cawthra Bush
by the City of Mississauga
- 1994 -
Nov.  30 - 2001

This is what started it all and as the story was best told in pictures, until now there was little room to do so on this web-site.  Now the disrupting pictures can be shown about how the City wrongly took chain-saws to the Cawthra Bush.  The event that has made the Cawthra Bush and those who have stood up for it, so well known.  And the City never admitted any errors or even said it was sorry.  Right to the pictures.

The biggest reason this web-site has not been what it could be was there was a lack of space.
Nov. 30 - 2001
Well that has been changed and there is now double the memory !!!
so lets have a web-page
and what better way then to start posting pictures
- after all they are worth a thousand words.

Oct. 31 - 2001
From Natalie Helferty who is the biologist, who found the Jefferson salamander in Jefferson forest, that the Bayview extension is to be put thorough.
Oct. 1 - 2001
If you would like to have your say about protecting trees on private property in Mississauga then

The public meeting is Oct. 3 - 2001 at City hall.
If you miss that meeting you can get your two cents worth in if contact the right people very soon.

Lakeview Gas Conversion not as promised
(Tories not keep a promise and endanger our lives because of it - sad to say that is not news)
July 24 - 2001
According to the Globe and Mail (July 5th 2001), The Mississauga News (July 8th and 18th) and Jack Gibbons, spokesperson for Ontario Clean Alliance, the Ontario Government has broken its promise that "any future electricity generation at the Lakeview site would be required to meet the emissions performance of efficient natural gas technology."

If you would like to tell the government that they should
keep their promises - then click here.

The Provincial government has set a deadline of Aug. 2 / 01 for the public to respond with their concerns.

Another example of Freedom of Information
abuse and bias service;
Concerning the City of Mississauga

July 21 - 2001

    The City of Mississauga would have people believe that I am the only person who has a problem with the way it denies the public their right to City records under the Freedom of Information Act.  That my claim that a false affidavit being signed by its FOI staff, is the only one, not so !
That the Information and Privacy Commissioners (IPC) Office of Ontario, the Provincial agency that is suppose to be fair and unbiased, in ensuring Canadians right to access Provincial and Municipal records, in fact , the IPC is prejudice toward the City of Mississauga.

Canadians right to access government records is a corner stone of our democracy.

    In this case the IPC aids the City of Mississauga in covering up its investigation of how an employ had Hydro Mississauga trucks do their landscaping but were caught in the act and were investigated.

    Mr. Feyz requested "All information available to the City of Mississauga inclusive of Hydro Mississauga and Mississauga Transit on diversion of our public services for private use".   Few records were found, he pushed harder and more records mysteriously  were found but clearly not all.  After the IPC Inquiry it was clear the IPC have again shown a bias in favor of the City of Mississauga.  Mr. Feyz wrote me that the IPC is currently aiding and abetting the violation of criminal code in not pursuing a false affidavit issued by the City and it is backed by irrefutable evidence.

In an Internet first Mr. Feyz has posted all the documents about this matter,
so you can be the judge.

Mark Feyz has written about this in the past.

( Mr. Feyz appears to be the first to put up all documents of a Request and Appeal, that I know of - I have posted a number of my FOI documents on the web, earlier.  Had to blow my horn a bit. )

Cawthra Ratepayers' & Residents' Association (CRRA);
July 3 - 2001

Appeals the City of Mississauga's refusal to recognize our ratepayers group.

   Of all the examples I present as to how the City is shutting down Taxpayers efforts at trying to form a meaningful working relationship with the City of Mississauga, this is the clearest.  As you can see from the items below the City has gone on the record with some very outrageous claims.  The City also takes a shot at trying to control our membership and what other groups we affiliate with.

*    Ratepayers groups can't be allowed if they disagree with the City's
      goals !!!!
*    City staff can't reconsider their own decisions, no matter how
      wrong?!?         Etc., Etc., Etc.

And an extra special thanks to  Councillor Gyles (Ward 5), for his motion that our request for a review of City staff's decision not to recognize our Ratepayers' group (in Ward 1), and for the City Manager to report back on it.


May 25 - 2001

Just as the Jefferson Salamander was being declared a Federally THREATENED species the City of Mississauga was planning how to eliminate the Jefferson Salamander from the Cawthra Bush.  I led the community effort to try and stop this from happening and was in part successful.  In the end, it was my call to the Ministry of Natural Resources that got the City to stop the work they were specifically, in writing, told not to do as it would remove habitat.

But not before the City banned me from the property for 30 days for catching them red handed, in the Act.

(or the lack of it)
May 25 - 2001
Would you believe that City staff have stated they are going to SUE me
for telling the truth?  Believe it.

Joan LeFeuvre, FOI Coordinator and Arthur Grannum, Clerk,
have gone on the record that they are planning to a lawsuit for my
Nov. 9 / 2000 letter noting that between them, they have, violated provincial legislation, violated a City By-Law and a signing false affidavit.

And now the City thinks it is right to allow persons who are on the record as bring a legal action against me to deal with me as a part of their jobs!
This is the most complete section on how the above persons have taken directions from the Hazel McCallion to unlawfully stop community representatives from standing up to City Hall and how far ot low, City staff will go to serve the Mayor's political agenda.

The City created
Stewardship program
for the
Cawthra Bush
May 25 - 2001
Or how to get rid of the Friends of the Cawthra Bush.
Other Green Groups

The Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology & Human Rights
Tel.# (905) 849-5501
They are having a Eco Festival June 9 - 10 / 2001

May 25 - 2001
Save The Mimico Marsh!!
Brampton Greens meet on the second Sunday of every month at 3:30 at
This is what City staff think is funny?
May 25 - 2001

An example of how City staff treat the Cawthra Bush as a joke.  No doubt because politicians have told them to be confrontational with those who defend the Cawthra Bush, (especially Mr. Barber). 

A face is carved into a stump along side a path with a chain saw by the wild and crazy guys that the City gives chain saw to do forest management.

A Provincially Significant forest and they think it is appropriate to do chain saw carvings right where everyone will see it.  Is this the lesson the City is hoping the public will learn by its example, show no respect for a community treasure, abuse it at will like a cheap toy?  City staff by showing disrespect to the forest .  I protested City staff's actions and it was removed but not before I got some pictures of what the City, will do.

The City created Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee
May 25 - 2001
Has a whole new slate of members.  Are they rubber stamps like the last batch?
One thing is for sure they like to sit and just stare and forget how to speak when the Cawthra Bush comes up.
Only one member could find the energy to ask questions and make intelligent comments.
Apr. 17 - 2001, bit on the late side
 Jefferson   Salamander  declared  a
New Section - Literature
Feb. 22 - 2001

This section is for all past flyers, notices, newsletters etc., put out by the FCB or CRRA or both.
Check out the new, Feb.- 2001 flyer, now going out.

Air Pollution in South Mississauga
Feb. 22 - 2001

This web-page begins to detail this unseen danger to all our lives.

Has your children got  "Lakeview cough"?

What can you do?  What meetings can you express your concerns?
What groups are collecting information and spear heading the efforts to get the best deal??

Don't forget to tell them you heard about them from this web-site.

The  Burnhamthorpe  Cat  Shelter
Feb. 16 - 2001

This battle took place between 1989 to 1991 and why is it here?  The issues of the day are still not resolved and persons who are looking out for the welfare of cats and other pets, live in fear of the City swoop down on them, to shut them down.  Many people in Mississauga are very disappointed that the Burnhamthorpe Cat Shelter, with its "NO Kill policy" for cats was shut down as it was the model of efficiency.  That earned it praise from all quarters.  Except for certain politicians, that leaves you wondering, does she hate living things?

A truly interesting study of people only trying to do the right thing and how political forces crushed them.  Some say this was the beginning of the end for Councillor Dave Culham political career because of the way he tore apart the "sloppy arguments", "weird and wonderful arguments",  claims of "influence with the Ward Councillor", and noted there was "no evidence" to back up City staff's claims regarding the home slipping into the valley.

It is not often you can read how a Mississauga Councillor (putting it in writing), that City staff, and fellow elected officials are full of it, on all counts.

The City's "MAINTENANCE LEVEL" for the
Cawthra Bush from a 1988 parks manual
reason for concern, even today.
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A new section has been added - EVENTS - so far it contains:

Jan. 23/99, a protest rally was held at the entrance to the Cawthra Community Centre, during its grand opening.

Sept. 6/2000 - Bob Hunter from CITY - TV comes out to cover the Cawthra Bush being declared at Provincially Significant Wetland Complex, story and City staff showed up to harass & intimidate us!

It is Official !!!!!

The Cawthra Bush Wetlands Evaluation has been reviewed by Steve Varga (Inventory Biologist), Ministry of Natural Resources and he states "it is a Provincially Significant Wetland Complex." Click here.

The City's plans call for a dry park, not a wetlands and wetlands take more effort to keep a wetland.  If the public didn't fight so hard for a wetlands evaluation, petition and letters, it would never been done.  In the words of  David Culham, ex-City Councillor, to me about the wetlands evaluation,  "I think you are to be commended because it is your efforts that made that happen".

That is right the residents have been right all along in saying the Cawthra Bush is a wetlands deserving the highest level of environmental protection and the City, along with its Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee (UFMAC) (experts from the community that the City selected and who are on the record saying no to a wetlands evaluation), have not only been in the wrong for years but at great cost to the tax payers as well!

The City and UFMAC were very much in the wrong at the Dec. 29/99 meeting where they approved a forest management plan for the Cawthra Bush, that didn't call any parts of the Cawthra Bush a wetlands.  Very much in the wrong to withhold from the public, before the meeting, the draft results of the wetlands evaluation, as a wetlands/forest is managed in a very different way from a dry forest.  And the Friends of the Cawthra Bush are right to appeal the City's forest management plans.

The wetlands evaluation is still lacking in some ways, it was done in a drought years after a couple of drought years but a wetlands evaluation is not a closed document we can study the forest to find significant species not found in the City funded evaluation, to further increase Cawthra Bush's environmental significance's.  The evaluation lists a total of 3 visits to the Cawthra Bush for a total of 12 hours of study on site!  I am sure the Friends of the Cawthra Bush can do better.  It also notes that there are 12 individual wetland sites in the Cawthra Bush complex none are 2 ha in size, the smallest allowed by the provincially guide lines for a wetlands but as they are throughout the forest and come to total of 6.75 ha,  we still made it as a wetlands complex.  The full understanding of this report will take some time.

Any way there is a membership drive on, if you would like to be apart of this success story, let me know, it is only $10 and we really need it as the City will soon be coming at us with rezoning and a master plan for the Cawthra Bush.

After almost 6 years the City forces the
Cawthra Bush Management Plans past public opposition!

    Dec. 15/99 the Cawthra management plans were approved by City Council.  It is clear that politics not reason rules at City hall and some of this is noted in my letter about the events of that day (our Mayor not allowing a Councillor to express his opinion). We are not defeated!!!!  Our group will remain active in the community, and as promised and today, Jan. 23 - 2000 a public protest was held at the entrance to the Cawthra Community Centre, as its grand opening was being held.  The Mayor and our Councillor (Carmen Corbasson for Ward 1), were very aware of both our presence and that we are not going away.

    In the middle of a Canadian winter more then 20 Mississaugans came out to hold signs and hand out flyers.  The horn honking support made the 2 hours on the sidewalk, fun!  We are all were very happy for the support received.

    I will soon be publishing my report on the last 6 years and provide details on how our "government" deals with people trying to save salamanders and our democratic rights.  If you want a copy please make sure to e-mail me your address.

May the 4/2000
A public meeting was held and members voted to Appeal the City's forest Management Plans for the Cawthra Bush.  To it properly a membership drive is necessary to have the numbers to be successful.

PLEASE take the time to become a paying member!

emorial to the late Lorrie Mitoff
the proposed rededication of Garnetwood Park as a permanent memorial to Lorrie Mitoff,
we can make it happen!


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NEW, an online PETITION/FORM LETTER. Now you can give support to this worthy cause, read our latest fact sheet and action plan!

UFMAC - the City created committee to save the Cawthra Bush or is it a rubber stamp to aiding the City of Mississauga in destroying the Cawthra Bush for future development. YOU BE THE JUDGE!

The Cawthra Ratepayers' and Residents' Association has formed. It is a local ratepayers and residents group whose main focus is to save the Cawthra Bush.

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