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are  very  much  needed  to do the work that must be done.

Donations can be made to
different funds or undertakings by
Donald Barber - send an E-mail saying what the money is for;

To fund all the efforts needed to protect the
Cawthra Bush and the community's/taxpayers' right
to be fully involved in the government decisions relating it
and the environment in Mississauga in general

Election funding for Donald Barber to present environmental and Rights issues in elections;

The Donald Barber Defense Fund
Needs help right now;


As well as, to fund the lobbying, the countless dollars spent on research,
travel, office supplies, photography, etc.
Needed to discover the facts and publish
the them on this web-site, along with related stories

- as well as -
maintain and up-grade the
Friends of the Cawthra Bush
Greater Mississauga Area

    This web-site has for years been making a valuable contribution by presenting a far more complete account of events regarding the Cawthra Bush and the environment in the City of Mississauga.  Reports and stories that the media does not cover or its token efforts are more misleading then not.  Being informed about the facts in a Democracy should not be a luxury as it is necessary to be fully and meaningfully involved in the decision that affect our community's/environment but in reality, the public does have to pay for information that is in its best interest to know and how to make the government, make the decisions that will be in the community's/environment best interest. 

    Time and time again it can be shown that government will only provide the details to the public that support the decision they want made, and hope no one is smart enough to question the so-called facts - as I have.  My efforts have empowered the community to make the City/government to change its plans, for every ones' benefit.

    By supporting this web-site, the Friends of the Cawthra Bush & Mr. Barber, you to can help support the Mississauga community and Canadians in general who want to the behind the scenes story, to see the actual documents, hear that politicians actually sound bites and make up their own minds based on far more facts.  To be empowered to take control in their community.

    Since 1994, I have been standing up for peoples right to know the facts and get meaningfully involved in government decision making, for the good of their community. 
Helping the community and its residents as best I can, with the support of the community. 

    For every dollar the public has given, I have spent a hundred or more of mine and the years of living in poverty have taken their toll.  So poor now, that questions as to if I can even keep up any part of this, are very real.

    There is still a wealth of information that should be posted and shared as well as items to be researched.   Many are unique, useful not just to Mississaugans (especially when voting) and Canadians in general but also to researchers & educators who are interested in how government and politics really work

    Those who study media (especially in Mississauga), know it can not be trusted to relay to the public what is really going on, as to do so would lead people to question and likely not elect certain politicians.  Politicians whose government have proven profitable for their media, their business interests and harmful to our environment.

Thank You, Very Much
Your Financial Donations are Greatly Appreciated.

    And please tell your friends and family about this effort, that is in aid of Mississauga's environment & all Canadians Democratic rights.

Please make cheques or money orders out to

The Friends of the Cawthra Bush

and receipts will be issued.

    Mail to;          
Station 'B', Box 1504, Mississauga, Ont.     L4Y 4G2

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Your Financial Donations are Greatly Appreciated
and Very Much Needed to
Ensure the Survival of the
Friends of the Cawthra Bush

Now Accepting Pay Pal
Donations to aid my efforts in every way.

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