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1).     "There is a coup going on, there is no question about it, Mr. Barber is
           a member of it and I hope no member of Council are involved."
             So spoken by Hazel McCallion, right in City Council.
             Most people would say that sounds PARANOID!
            If the Mayor of a real City, like Mel Lastmen, had said that it would be
             all over the front pages of all the newspapers but if Hazel says it,
             hushed up by the media that created the Hazel McCallion myth.

2).             "we will not be providing you with the information, that you are
                 requesting." States the Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion,
                   as she improperly shuts down the Freedom of Information Act, so
                   taxpayers could not become knowledgeable of the facts and
                   make fully informed decisions, during the 1994 election year.
                   Her staff keep this promise over the years to shut off the
                   FOI Act from even the Green Party.

3).            "And I have never given direction to the Freedom of Information
                   Clark, Clerk to do anything.   Never!  And will never.   And it is not
                   my place to do it.   And I want to make it clear "
                     At the City Council meeting (Apr. 11/01),  Hazel was heard to say
                     - "And I have never given direction to the Freedom of Information
                    Clark, Clerk to do anything.   Never!  And will never.   And it is not
                    my place to do it.   And I want to make it clear " and I noted to her
                    how wrong she was and that someone is lying.  At a meeting held
                    July 19, 1994 our dear old Mayor, how did she put it?  Oh yes,
                    lowered the boom on me and all Mississaugans who wanted to
                    know the facts abut what was happening with the Cawthra Bush.
                    As a result of the Mayor's actions, shutting down the Freedom of
                    Information Act, I ran for the office of Mayor in 1994.  In order to
                    make sure everyone knew what the facts were.  At no time during
                    the campaign, when the Mayor and I (sounds like the title of some
                    Hollywood B movie doesn't it?), faced off in debates, did not she
                    ever deny the basic facts.  That she did in fact shut down the
                    Freedom of Information Act.  In fact more details can be found
                    here as well as the kind of conduct she allows by City Staff.

4).         "Your are not getting an apology!"
                Soon after the Mayor was yelled at to apology for her "native
                   costumes" remark, she just blurted out "Your are not getting an
                   apology!", as you can guess it didn't go over very well.  Then she
                   accuses those present of not wanting to hear the (her), truth
                   before returning to her City Hall tower office, guards all around.  A
                   classic scene from the fall of empires.

5).      "We don't have citizens vote on an issue,  I just want to
          emphasize that ... especially when it comes to development"
                Mayor, Hazel McCallion, proudly states, during the Cawthra Bush
                Management Plan discussion.  Hazel likes to run City Hall like a
                business and this a good example of her business priorities, "By the
                way Don, we don't have citizens vote on an issue.  I just want to
                emphasize that. ...  We go out and get their input, we listen very
                carefully to them, we try to implement what they say and we don't
                always do it, I can assure you, especially when it comes to
                development.  ...  We may, we may take a straw vote at something
                just to get an opinion but it really means nothing."  Hazel has indeed
                made it clear, Mississaugan's opinions, "really means nothing."  We
                should know our place in the Corporation of the City of Mississauga.
              More here.

6).              Down zoning
                 The Mayor notes that the City of Mississauga down zones property,
                 so just because a property has a high environmental rating and is
                 zoned for its protection today, it does not mean it will always be so.
                 See below #7.

7).             "pounded it into the ground"
                The City would be the biggest developer of the Cawthra Bush,
                turning this rare ecosystem and highly sensitive environment into a
                recreation area and in the words of City staff "pounded it into the
                ground".  By using people to remove both Cawthra's environmental
                value and protection, the City can even consider sell off parts to
                developers.  This is a standard method used by uncaring
                governments, like ours, when the politicians get their election
                money mostly from developers.  Also the City has zoned the area
                around the Cawthra Bush for a population boom and people will be
                looking to use the Cawthra Bush for their recreation area.
              More here.

8).              not visited the Cawthra Bush
               This one statement by D. Lewis is the real killer. Yes this is the one
                 the City wants in order to disregard our whole save the
                 salamanders campaign. It is total wrong, false and misleading! Dr.
                 Bogart made it clear a number of times that he had not visited the
                 Cawthra Bush yet, and would not comment on it but that is not
                 what D. Lewis is saying.
               More here.

9).          "dodged a nuclear warhead"
                    Nando Iannicca, Councillor Ward 7, first he goes on about how
                    Mattamy is perhaps the finest builder in the country, then he says
                    by not going to the OMB we have "dodged a nuclear warhead".
                    Nando (the warhead) Iannicca goes on to note what a great  job
                    the local Councillor has done in shepherding this matter along.
                  More here.

10).             Mattamy is perhaps the finest builder in the country
                   More here.

11).           " I am insulted if anyone of my constituents thinks you can bribe
                  me for $400, it takes a lot, lot more."
                    So can our politicians be bought?  The above is from a expert,
                    Nando Iannicca, Ward 7.
                  More here.

12).             "I am one Councillor who has been anti-development.".
                  Pat Mullin, the Ward 2 Councillor, said "I am one Councillor who
                    has been anti-development.".  If that is so then why would a
                    developer think it was a wise business decision to give her money
                    for her election?  I wonder, is she telling the truth or maybe in
                    general, are developers under the impression that giving money,
                    would change her point of view?
                  More here.

13).               OMB will aprove it.
                    The Mayor of Mississauga tells us before the OMB has ruled
                    what the outcome will be - interesting.  How did she know?

14).               Hazel  Queen  of  Urban  Sprawl.
                    Right from Hazel McCallion's lips.

15).           The Mayor telling a the Ward 1 Councillor to SHUT UP!
                   That is right, the Mayor of Mississauga, right in City Council
                   chamber, while live on Rogers TV, for all intents and purposes,
                   tells an elected official trying to deal with an issue in her own Ward
                   to SHUT UP!
                   Don B. - Well hold it, if she wants to speak, I saw her interested.
                   Hazel M. - No - Don't answer Councillor Corbasson.
                   Don B. - AH, the single voice for Mississauga  (Mayor talking over

16).           On Sept., 24, the Ontario Liberals did a Phone Town Hall Meeting to their phone list
                  most of it was caught on my answering machine (tape ran out), sorry for the dead air at end.
                  What is really important is that the leader of the Party - Dalton McGuinty - was not heard to say
                  or other Ministries in Environment, Energy, Eastern Power
                  - anyone who would be in a position to stop plant, that is was going to be stopped! 
                  It was just the candidates repeating what their positions were but this time with big names in the
                  community - given the fact work has started and 10's of millions are at stake and in an election don't
                  taxpayer deserve a statement right from the
Premier’s Office that the Sherway Power Plant is dead
                  and how much it is going to cost us?

On Sept., 24, the Progressive Conservative Party did a Phone Town Hall Meeting to their phone list
                  all of it was caught on my answering machine and after the beeps, the recorded message that went
                  out right afterwards.  What was important in the recording was that Tim Hudak, Leader of the
                  Progressive Conservative, could be heard going on the record for canceling the Power plant.

18).        On Sept., 26 (Mon), the Progressive Conservative Party did another recorded phone add.

19).           On Sept., 29, the Ontario Liberals did another recorded phone add, this time Liberal candidate
                 Charles Sousa ( Labour Minister ), & MPP for Mississauga South, personally thank us for our support
                 in helping to stop the Sherway Power plant & others in the area.  

Oct. 4, 2011 - C-H-I-P - Coalition of Homeowners for Intelligent Power - did a recorded phone message
                 to their phone list,
Good old Sousa risked his job for us!  Now not going to tell you how to vote

21).          Oct. 4, 2011- The Progressive Conservative Party did a recorded phone message to their phone list,
                 right after the CHIP one.


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