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The Mysteries of the Cawthra Bush
await you

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After almost 6 years the City forces the Cawthra Bush Management Plans past public opposition!

    Dec. 15/99 the Cawthra management plans were approved by City Council.  It is clear that politics not reason rules at City hall and some of this is noted in my letter about the events of that day (our Mayor not allowing a Councillor to express his opinion). We are not defeated!!!!  Our group will remain active in the community, and as promised and today, Jan. 23 - 2000 a public protest was held at the entrance to the Cawthra Community Centre, as its grand opening was being held.  The Mayor and our Councillor (Carmen Corbasson for Ward 1), were very aware of both our presence and that we are not going away.

    In the middle of a Canadian winter more then 20 Mississaugans came out to hold signs and hand out flyers.  The horn honking support made the 2 hours on the sidewalk, fun!  We are all were very happy for the support received.

    I will soon be publishing my report on the last 6 years and provide details on how our "government" deals with people trying to save salamanders and our democratic rights.  If you want a copy please make sure to e-mail me your address.


Examples of the Friends of the Cawthra Bush's efforts at serving the community.

A new web-page that has some of the photos from the many times I have taught classes in the local schools, put up displays at public meetings or events and held public meetings, in the effort to save the Cawthra Bush and teach people the value of the natural world.

Photo Gallery
and details about the all that lives in the
Cawthra Bush


Check here first, as this page has the up to date happenings, meetings etc.,


YouTube  site
where my videos are posted


The Life Blood of a Grass Roots Group - Accurate Information - Terminated!

Freedom  Of  Information (FOI) or access to government records has been ended in the most unjust of fashions.  The Mayor of Mississauga promised we would not get the necessary records,  her staff of course kept that promise by any means they could (lawful or otherwise) but the Ontario government, by way of the Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) show every indication of also carrying out the Mayor's political agenda.

To the point that Orders are issued that affect all Ontarians !!!

Orders that, set a legal precedence allowing the City to legalize censorship & cover-up by way of  guilty by association, to deny every one access to City records, using the FOI Act.

Not even the Green Party, a recognized political party, was allowed to use the FOI Act, to aid the community effort to save the Cawthra Bush and all that lives in it.

If that sounds like the IPC has over stepped its authority, it gets worse!  The IPC also Ordered the City to deny the FCB's leader and researcher,
D. Barber, access to City staff regardless if an FOI request was involved!

Be a part of the campaign to expose and oppose this outrageous government (Tory), attack on our democratic rights and freedoms.
Click here to find out more.

Stripping Canadians of Our Democratic & Human Rights!
How far will this go?    Will you be next?

Executive Summary;

Ontario Municipal Board
has now been added to the mix and issues of  regarding
the  OMB  Member, an Ex-City of Mississauga Councillor D. Culham,
who heard the Northmount case.  Is in a form of
Conflict of Interest or has a Bias
as the judge for this matter are being raised.

The Culham Brief / Survey

The issue of concern and the legal standard performed to is, what would a reasonable lay person, made aware of the facts see?  If there is even a "reasonable apprehension of bias", then it is totally wrong for D. Culham to have sat as the judge of this matter
and his decision should not stand!

We need you to judge, those who would judge us!
If you do not stand up for the rights of others - then you will surely lose yours!

The Negative Impacts on the Environment by
Human and Urban Development

A listing of material sent regarding the request for studies, documents etc., that in some way referred to the negative impacts of human urban development on the natural environment.

The Positive Benefits of Urban and Forests
in General to the Surrounding
Human Community

Including; Medical Benefits (just looking at a forest can improve your health and help heal you!), Real Estate Values & Trees or Forests, Urban Hydrology,  Local Economic Development, Trees as Religious Symbols, Psychological, The Sensory Dimensions of Trees
and other interesting effects.

Main sections
Jump to:

- Includes; Biological issues; Forest Management issues; letters from the Academic Community;

-  Other community groups & Animal Rights & Welfare Issues (Pets & Wildlife)


- Web-sites etc.... and this too.

- A treasure trove of web-sites related to the content of this web-site.

In Memorial to Community Heroes & Eco-Warriors
The Bob Hunter Tribute Book

This section of web-pages is set-up to HONOUR those who stood while most sat down,
they spoke reason while most were silent,

in defense of all our human rights & the environment.

Click here to open this book of remembrance.


Biological issues;
This section deals with all the forest management, rare and threatened species (their unique biology), hydrology and human use issues.
Also has the wildlife page.                             Flowers with Wings are Butterflies.

Geological & Hydrological Issues
The draining of the Cawthra Bush / Wetlands, towards the C.N. Rail Tracks.


The Positive Benefits of Urban and Forest in General to the Surrounding Human Community
Including; Medical Benefits (just looking at a forest can improve your health and help heal you!), Real Estate Values & Trees or Forests, Urban Hydrology,  Local Economic Development, Trees as Religious Symbols, Psychological, The Sensory Dimensions of Trees and other interesting effects.

The Negative Impacts on the Environment by Human and Urban Development
A listing of material sent regarding the request for studies, documents etc., that in some way referred to the negative impacts of human urban development on the natural environment.

The Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee, is it a residents committee that will look out for interests? Or is this City created committee, only generating piles and piles of paper to hide the fact it is only a rubber stamp for the City's political agenda?

You be the judge!

This section has this like when the Media has come out to cover a Cawthra Bush story.
Our Public Protest.
Public events we have attended.
Soon to add the meetings that have been attended

Urban Forest Management;
This section has the picture of the Cawthra Bush being chain-sawed, the event that started it all.  Also other items regarding forestry in urban or rural forests.

The  Creditview  Bog;
It pays off to fight City hall and never give up or does it?

Ward 1 - Community Issues;
Other issues in our local community. The NEW Community Centre - how does it affect the Cawthra Bush and the process used to make decisions.

The City of Mississauga - Official Plan for the Cawthra Bush;
What do you do in a recognized environmentally significant area?
You build in it of course!
Index of the Northmount Community Elimination - Development.

The City of Mississauga & the Province of Ontario;
A chronology of how the City screwed around the province when it tried to sell the top 11 acres of the Cawthra Bush, to the City.  Hazel is known for being tough with other levels of government but remember her games often end up costing us money, as both sides use our tax dollars to fuel their feuds.  ZONING AND HOW THE CITY PUT CAWTHRA AT RISK OF DEVELOPMENT.

Ontario Municipal Board
Details and issues you are not likely to find in the newspapers.

Freedom of Information;
Freedom of Information (FOI), issues and how you can use this Act to know what government is really doing. It is here that Mississauga politicians are at their worst, in fact setting precedent to limit all Canadians human rights, just to keep their secrets and hide their political agendas.

Sound Clip Gallery for the Cawthra Bush Web-site;
Now all the sound clips are one page and links to documents but not all that explain them.  You still have surf around a bit.

Photo Gallery;
and details about the all that lives in the Cawthra Bush.

Ratepayers & Resident Groups;
What they are, who they are and what happens when they go bad.

Their web-site   Residents who are losing millions because of the ILLEGAL operation of the Pearson airport's north/south runways - fight back!!

Do you want to report /complain about a too loud airplane flying over head???  For within 10 miles of the airport call (905) 676-453, the machine will tell you what to do.  Option 3 is for making a complain with no call back and option 4 is for call back.  It then goes on to ask questions.
For outside the 10 miles call Transport Canadian, at (416) 952-0335.

The Players in this drama;
Often people read about the odd or unfortunate things our elected officials do, write it off to human error and forget it.  Now you will have the chance to all these errors in one place and maybe you mite start to see a pattern to how the City does "business-as-usually."  ALSO City staff who are they and do they do to the public.

Lists of Elected Officials - over the years for;
 Streetsville Township  of  Toronto Town of Mississauga City Of Mississauga

Historical details;
This section has the history of the Cawthra lands and family as well as interview of locals.  A rare English style kitchen Walled Garden right here in Mississauga so of course what is the first thing the City wants to?  TEAR IT DOWN!

All you need to do is write down or asked to be interviewed about your memories concerning the Cawthra Bush or surrounding area, send it in, to be added to our local history, for future generations to enjoy.

Question and Answers;
E-mail me with your questions and if it is a good question, it and the answer will be posted.

Is it accurate reporting or is it a through the looking glass interpretation that makes it seem like we live in a magical kingdom.  Where we are so well looked after by government, real involvement appears not to be required.  A newspaper story can read like it makes sense and nothing is really out of the ordinary but those who are close to the events, often comment many key facts are left out, if the events are even covered.  Have a read about what the news makes say about the news.

Political, Democratic & Legal issues;
Here is the closet filled with skeletons, hidden from the light of day for far too long.  Political methods used to keep the public out of the loop.
Also lists the contact and help received from political parties.

Strategy & Tactics;
The most powerful weapons that politicians and bureaucrats use against you are FEAR, INTIMIDATION and of course, your own MISPLACED TRUST and IGNORANCE. But if you are willing to learn how to live and be effective in the real world, it is possible to learn how to disarm them, gain their respect and finally accomplish the goal.

Do not be a willing victim!

Unions in Mississauga of interest;
Read about the City harasses them and their members on my other web-site!

City of Mississauga By-Laws;
Important City policies like the VANDALISM AND VIOLENCE IN CITY FACILITIES.  A new legal system created in Mississauga and the rules to impose a dictatorship on, in our life time!!!!

Legal issues;
The Canadian Charter Rights and Freedoms & the public's right to access public lands.
Be aware of how they operate to avoid entrapment.
In this section matters relating to how the Peel Police work with politicians to defame, slander and generally eliminate persons who are exercising their human and democratic rights.  Also, how they can get away with the things they do.  Details of how the police handle their complaint process to make sure Peel police officers (and police in general), are not held accountable by the public.  How the police turn the Freedom of Information Act in the opposite (some good stuff here!).
Finally OCCOPS the non-appeal able joke that lets the police break the Police Services Act and etc., etc.

Your Financial Donations are Greatly Appreciated
and Very Much Needed to
Ensure the Survival of the
Friends of the Cawthra Bush

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Other web pages about issues important to Mississaugans
that does not get the factual media coverage they should.

Other Mississauga related web-sites;

PEN - Peel Environmental Network
Their web-site - [ ]
- The Peel Environmental Network is a not-for-profit organization mandated to raise awareness of environmental issues in the Region of Peel.
PEN organizes skill building workshops enabling other non-profit environmental organizations within Peel to receive training, support and networking opportunities.   
Clarke Hall, 2
nd Floor,  161 Lakeshore Road West  -  By Lakeshore & Mississauga Rd.
Tel: (905) 274-9974 Fax: (905) 274-5570

EcoSource - Mississauga.
Their web-site   []
- Growing a Green Community.

Sustain Mississauga
Their web-site  [ ]
- Ideas for a sustainable city like Mississauga.

Bidwell Woodlands
On this web-site - Therese Taylor, Susan Karrandjas and Philip van Wassenaer, (Urban Forest Innovations Inc.), have for the last 2 years been fighting to save a woodlands with rare trees like the shagbark hickory, a Carolinian species rare in this area.  They thought they had won a victory and read how they got screwed!

Their web-site [ ]
- Some on this web-site - The group fighting to save Mississauga's old or heritage trees, while pressing City hall for an OLD TREE BY-LAW to save a necessary and living part of our community.

If you would like to make a comment to the City, on the above matter or find out when the City held public meeting is going to be; call 615-4162
Some time in the fall of 1999 the City will bring its plan forward, it is not to late to put your two cents in.

They did pass the By-law but they will review it.  So if you let me know you are interested I will let you know about up coming meetings.

Well the City past a City wide By-law that allows for so many trees to be cut, it is only a token By-law.

Table of contents;

Roy Ivor - the Birdman of Mississauga & Bernice Inman-Emery - the Birdwoman of Mississauga,
Their dream and life's work the Bird Sanctuary of Mississauga is dying.

The Burnhamthorpe Cat Shelter;
On this web-site - This battle took place between 1989 to 1991 and why is it here?  The issues of the day are still not resolved and persons who are looking out for the welfare of cats and other pets live in fear of the City swoop down on them, to shut them down.  Many people in Mississauga are very disappointed that the Burnhamthorpe Cat Shelter, with its "NO Kill policy" for cats was shut down as it was the model of efficiency.  That earned it praise from all quarters.  Except for certain politicians, that leaves you wondering,  does she hate living things?

Animal lovers are still trying to establish a shelter for cats,  dogs etc., that would be run the way they want it to be.  One that will last.  History is a guide, that illuminates the hazardous of such a undertaking.  The political mine field.  The lengths taken against those who only want to give poor trusting animals a chance to find a person or family to return the love they wish to share.

If you have any records (newspaper clippings, letters, photos, video or film etc.), relating to the Burnhamthorpe Cat Shelter,  please let me know, as we are gathering them all together, so they will not be lost to the dust of time.

The killing of Canada Geese;
Their web-site  [  ] 
-  All the details of how the City of Mississauga hoodwinked us into believing our National bird should be killed in the hundreds!


The Wildlands League
Their web-site  [ ] 
-  The Wildlands League is currently locked in a battle with the Harris-ment government
{ Yes, this is an old link & battle but they do have up-to-date info about Ontario's forests & logging. }
over Ontario's forests, "Lands for Life".  An issue everyone should be concerned about!  40 million hectares of public lands. To turn it over to business interests is to say good-bye to the greatest single treasure that should be protected for our children. (That is if we even care about their future.) Visit their site and get involved, it is now or never.

Two other web site dealing with the Lands for life issues and need the publics support to win a reasonable amount land set aside for future generations are;

Their web-site  [ ]
- This group has help out in Mississaugans effort to save Mississauga's old tree and forests.


The Ontario Vernal Pool Association 
Their web-site  [ ]
-  The purpose of this website is to raise awareness about the significance of vernal pool ecosystems and their associated wildlife to the people of Ontario.  Vernal pools are important because of their contribution to groundwater recharge, flood attenuation, maintenance of water quality, as habitat for species at risk, and to the preservation of biological diversity and ecological integrity.

Their web-site  [ ] 
- Waiting for them to choose their side.


Environment Voters Project
Their web-site  [ ] 
-  Has links to other environmental groups or rights group which are trying to make a difference in the upcoming Ontario election.

A good general reference.

Environmental Information Network
Their web-site  [ ] 
-  This web-site has a large library dealing not just with environmental data but social issues like how to overcome the methods used by politicians and bureaucracies.

It is a must visit!

The Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology   Human Rights
Their web-site  [ ] 
Tel.# (905) 849-5501

ACER - The Association for Canadian Educational Resources
Their web-site  [ ] 
-  This group is trying to get students and every one for that matter involved in collecting important environmental for use to understand what is happening to our ecosystems.  If you are a teacher, please visit this web-site.


Will the Ontario government's plans to use

Natural gas for power generation
endanger supplies, create shortages & drive prices up?

???? Will it lead to drilling in the Arctic ????

"The End  of  Suburbia" and the economy that supports it
The Solution to it
A  New  Urban  Development Economy

Tired of hearing about all the environmental doom and gloom (Click here), with little to nothing you can do about it? 
Now there is a plan to solve most of the problems.

!!!!!!! It  is  also  about  JOBS  FOR  LIFE !!!!!!!

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