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Please note;
Some people say I write about certain people and events with too much emotion.  I am a human being and I write with as much emotion as they and events have filled me with.
If they have harmed members of our groups or me,
I will not write about them or issues as if, it matters not to me.
Interesting sound bites from the Mayor and other elected officials.

Lists of Elected Officals - over the years

      Streetsville                                         Township  of  Toronto

Town of Mississauga                               City Of Mississauga

The Political Players;

City of Mississauga - Bureaucrats and staff;

The Residents
of Mississauga;

Other persons of interest;

In Memorial to Community Heroes & Eco-Warriors

The Political Players;

Paul Szabo M.P.
The Member of Parliament for Mississauga South.

Hazel McCallion
The Mayor of Mississauga and where (all) the buck stops.

Carmen Corbasson
Councillor for Ward 1

David J. Culham
The past Councillor for Ward 6.  Now on the OMB.

City of Mississauga - Bureaucrats and staff;

Joan J. LeFeuvre
The so-called Freedom of Information (FOI) Coordinator.  Retired but her damage lives on.

Paul A. Mitcham
Commissioner of Community Services.

John Lohuis
Director of Recreation and Parks.

Tony Fleischman
Manager, Forestry.

Peter Lyons
The Urban Forest Ecologist guy.

Linda Mailer
Committee Coordinator.

The residents of Mississauga;

Donald Barber
The founder and current President of the Friends of the Cawthra Bush (FCB), and the current Chair for the Cawthra Ratepayers' and Residents' Association (CRRA).  Has four times ran to be Mayor of Mississauga, moving from third place winner to second - then to third & back up to a very strong second!

Roy Ivor, the Birdman of Mississauga & Bernice Inman-Emery - the Birdwoman of Mississauga
Those who dreamed of a Mississauga Bird sanctuary.

Therese Taylor
Therese TaylorSusan Karrandjas  

Philip van Wassenaer, (Urban Forest Innovations Inc.)
have for the last 2 years been fighting to save a woodlands with rare trees like the shagbark hickory, a Carolinian species rare in this area.
They thought they had won a victory and read how they got shafted by the City!

Laurie Kallis
An Environmental Artist Activist in Mississauga.

Christiana Hucker
A lady of many skills with plants and animals.

Mark Feyz
Has wrote some very insightful letters, such as;
*  A Paradigm of Elections 2000  -  The Canadian Democracy under siege
*  Hydro Mississauga's Dilemma  -  to be or not to be independent
*  Mississauga's Noise Pollution  -  From airport to Meadowvale
*  Big pay hikes for the mayor and her crew  -  A fiscally responsible
government with lowest possible cost?

Albert Atkins
Wrote editorials for the Mississauga News and some politicians are hoping the sand of time will make them disappear for ever.  Not while I am around!

Other person of interest

Clayton C. Ruby
Barrister - B.A., LL.B., LL.M. - Mr. Ruby has maintained an extensive criminal, constitutional and administrative law practice.  Throughout his career, Mr. Ruby has served as counsel in innumerable high profile human rights, aboriginal, environmental and criminal cases.

Natalie Helferty

Natalie Helferty is the biologist who found the Jefferson salamander in Jefferson forest, that the Bayview extension is to be put through.

In Memorial to Community Heroes & Eco-Warriors

This section of web-pages is set-up to HONOUR those who stood while most sat down,
they spoke reason while most were silent,
in defense of all our human rights & the environment.

Click here to open this book of remembrance.

It will make a difference!
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