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Scanned copy, if there are errors, please e-mail me with corrections:
Page - - Mississauga News, Dec. 14/94

Water main construction style changes could
save 18 trees in Cawthra Bush

Officials ha agreed to alter construction methods for a water main through Cawthra Bush to minimize soil disturbance and loss of mature tree.

Citizens representing a group of concerned environmentalists met Thursday with representatives of the City and Ontario Clean Water Agency to discuss changes that could be made to the plan to put a major water main through the east side of the wood lot, resulting in the loss of 450 trees.

The groups met together on site the week before to walk the route of the water main and try to determine if the selected route could be improved.

Both the group of citizens with technical backgrounds in environmental work and another group led by local resident Don Barber called Friends of Cawthra Bush would prefer that no construction be done in the environmentally significant area. But that decision has already been made by city and regional councils and the contract has been awarded.

Sheila Kuja, of the technical committee, says 18 additional mature trees may be saved through the latest alterations in the route. Box trench

In addition, the contractor has agreed to use a boxed vertical trench for the work rather than the wider V-shaped trench initially approved. That will reduce the amount of topsoil removal and cause less disturbance to soils at the edge of the woods.

The contractor has also agreed to move the crane needed to install the huge pipes to the east side of the trench, minimizing intrusion into the mature wood lot. "The less tampering with the woodland edge the better" says Kuja.

The cost of the changes can be absorbed within the existing budget, residents were told.

Kuja said she'd wish her group had been aware of the extent of the project, at time environmental approvals were being sought three years ago. "We feel that under the circumstances, this is the best we could have done" she said of the improvements made this week.

The residents have been assured they will be allowed input into a rehabilitation plan proposed for the water main area after it's built. They have concerns about the type of planting material proposed.

The environmentalists are also very concerned about a general wood lot management policy the City is developing and hope to input into that process through an advisory committee that is being established by the municipality.

John Allin of the Clean Water Agency said he was "glad we could reach a mutually satisfactory agreement" to improve the water main route. He first extended that offer at a meeting held Nov. 15 with Regional officials.

The Contractor will start work next week, beginning at Atwater Ave. and working northward towards the wood lot.

It will make a difference!

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[COMMENTS BY DON B. -  "the contractor has agreed to use a boxed vertical trench for the work", which didn't happen the FCB had to call safety inspectors to shut down the work site as the sides were collapsing and endangering workers lives!  The City walk through the forest was a joke as they just ran ahead of us, carrying on without us.  Shows how little they cared, this was just a case of get people out so you can use then.  ]

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