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Page - - Mississauga News, Sept. 4 /96

In Cawthra Woods
The future takes root


For residents living behind Cawthra Woods, patience is the operative word.

The City of Mississauga recently completed the first phase of a reforestation effort in Cawthra Woods. The goal is replace approximately 300 trees cleared away by the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) when they installed a drainage pipe there in late 1995.

City recreation and parks staffers have planted more than 3,000 shrubs and 50 trees in the 11-acre parcel land bordered by Arbor Rd. to the north, South Service Rd. to the south and the backs of Northmount Ave. homes to the east.

The Ontario Clean Water Agency who owns the land, gave the City Mississauga $220,000 to buy the plan and do the reforestation work.

The shrubs were then purchased from the Credit Valley Conservation nursery.

And, while it doesn't look like much now, the area's final appearance won't take shape for at least another 2-3 years, according to Mississauga land- scape architect Bill Montague.

Montague said the reforestation project will eventually bring back the wildlife. Seen during planting were a fox, toads and several species of butterfly.

After the feeder main was laid down, construction debris and garbage were removed and disposed of by the CVC and City of Mississauga staff.

Phase two of planting is slated Saturday, Sept. 14.

Conifers, wildflower and native grass will be planted along the forest edge and in the corridor.

City staff will do plant the conifers because that job requires heavier machinery but the 3,600 wildflower and 2,400 native grass plugs will be planted by hand.

Volunteers are needed to help with planting. Planting will begin around 10 a.m. and conclude by early afternoon. Refreshments will be served after- wards.

To volunteer or for information, call Bill Montague at 615-3676.

PHOTO; Of Landscape architect Bill Montague doing a planting at Cawthra.

CAPTION; Landscape architect Bill Montague shows one of the many shrubs and trees planted during a reforestation project at Cawthra Woods.

It will make a difference!

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