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Mississauga News                ATTN: Ron Lenyk, Publisher.

cc. The Ontario Press Council

RE:     Formal complaint regarding what the Mississauga News did
            and did not publish during the 2000 election.

Dear Sir:                             May 8, 2001

Opening statement:

     My case for complaint rests mostly on the fact that media coverage during an election is different from non-election periods.  Items also have a basis in past rulings by the Ontario Press Council.  This complaint contains my past complaints and expands on them.

     A democratic election is by law, that the Canadian and Provincial government have passed and how they hold the election, suppose to be as fair as possible as it will chose the next government.  By law, incumbents and who ever else (under certain and reasonable conditions), rich or poor, have a right to run for public office.  This is a sacred democratic trust and the only way democracy can work.  The laws of Canada were written to limit campaign spending so poorer candidates can be judge by their platforms not their pocket book.  These laws may not specifically address media coverage but the moral guidance is there for the media not to give one candidate more coverage then another, more endorsement or positive and supportive coverage then another candidate as it would affect the outcome of the election.  The same is true for negative comments.
Enclosed is some media coverage from the Brampton election to prove this point.

     As it has been established that public opinion can be greatly influenced, if not out right controlled by the kind of material (positive or negative), the volume of media advertising, news articles and not reporting events.  Newspapers have a power, a trust in their community that must be accompanied with accountability.  This power can change the very nature of the community it claims to serve.  It can be an instrumental force in forming our governments, good or bad.  As many Canadians have died for our right to have a democracy, to honour their sacrifices we must up hold high standards in how the power of the media is used to cover/report elections or we will be misled into a non-democratic future.

     The greatest burden is upon the media to present the fairest possible coverage during an election.  This means to deal with the platforms of candidates at least as equally as the media deals with personal stories about them.  By publishing anecdotal stories, other person's comments about the candidate and describing the candidate as a Saint or other wise piling compliments up in a one sided presentation of the candidates character, an unrealistic opinion would be formed by the public.  To give that candidate a unfair advantage.  One that would both misled the public into wrongly believing the candidate in question is some kind of "Saint" but also that as the media appears to be describing some kind of superior human being, who was going to be elected any ways, not become involved in the election (not even try to understand the issues or platforms), and even vote.  This to the advantage of the incumbents.

     An election is a special time.  I would say that during an election a newspaper should act differently when it comes to coverage and the opinions it expresses.  A time to make sure there is greater effort made to explore issues in the name of fairness and democracy.  A time when concerns about showing bias and favouritism toward those running for office is a time newspapers should not have the same latitude in expressing opinions.  As it could take away from the democratic process and important issues may not be receive appropriate review in the election.  An election, (full campaigning) is only 30 days long (now), a candidate would likely not have enough time to restore public opinion if the newspaper printed a story that contained false or misleading information.  Which would be of benefit to one candidate at the expense of the other candidates and the democratic process, itself.

     The coverage that newspapers presents during an election must up hold our greatest democratic traditions and not be seen as giving special promotion to a candidate, even a gray haired elderly female incumbent.  In making the best choice you have to use intellectual methods, not who gives you the best emotional stimulation.  During an election even handed, balanced coverage should be the name of the game, not expressing the opinions before the facts or platforms.  Opinions that could very likely be motivated by the owners or publishers business interests or political opinions.  The public's right to be fully an fairly informed is what is at issue here.  Governments should not be chosen by bias media coverage.

     I would also go so far as to say, in cases where the incumbent or other candidate appears have a significant lead over the others in the race, the media should act to balance out the race by addressing the other candidates issues and look more closely at who is in the lead.  Not to jump on the band wagon and say vote for this candidate as that is the way the human herd is stampeding.

General Background:

     In the 2000 election the Mississauga News conducted its coverage of the election in Mississauga with what I would say was great bias.  That the incumbents in the municipal election were shown great favouritism and given unfair advantage.  Those who were running against them in a so-called democratic election were largely ignored, their issues ignored and the Mississauga News referred to them in such a way as to defame them in the eyes of the public.  To the point of printing statements that the Mississauga News knew were false.  The Mississauga News would print that there were disagreements with either the incumbents or the City Hall but would not go into meaningful details about it, if they even noted it.  Generally withholding the relevant facts from the public.  So not to give the public reason to question the actions of the incumbents and cost them votes.  I have contacted the Mississauga News about corrections and redress and found the response to be far less then what is considered professional and appropriate in the industry.  After years of being misrepresented by the Mississauga News it is time to speak out.  An injustice has been done to me and all those who rightfully stood up for their democratic rights in this City.  A speed response to this letter would be appreciated.

     The Ontario Press Council does believe a newspaper needs to have "wide latitude in expressing their opinions", however that is no excuse to put me in a false light to deceive the reader, to misrepresent the facts or to make false statements.  So election issues are not dealt with during the election.  The Mississauga News treated the municipal election as non-event by not promoting issues and promoting the same old gang will be elected.  One of which, the Councillor for Ward 5, Cliff Gyles, who has been charged with municipal corruption, breach of trust and frauds on the government.  I would say this is the inevitable result of years of not covering the issues/politicians at City Hall and not doing investigative reporting.

    On Oct. 18/00, the Mississauga News, presents token coverage of those who are running against the incumbent Mayor.  The Mississauga News from the start states Hazel "clobbers her opponents", due in large part to the fact the Mississauga News slants its coverage in favor of the incumbent Mayor.  If you review the few articles that the Mississauga News wrote for what it calls its election coverage, it is clear they have not fairly or meaningfully covered this election.  All to the benefit of the incumbent.  The Mississauga News spends too much time covering personal details while not covering platforms.  In Mr. Stewart's case he often noted to me that he was unfairly portrayed as a entertainer, wrongly creating in peoples minds the image of a less then serious candidate.  In fact he had a very good web-site dealing with issues and it was only the Toronto Star that noted its Internet address.  The Mississauga News noted issues far too briefly and give no real details how they affect Mississaugans'/their communities.  It provides little to no material for a meaningful understand of the issues.  This kind of coverage is designed to ensure there will be no interest in the election, so there will be no debates or questions asked to candidates.  An easy ride for the incumbents back into office.  The article started with Hazel and end with Hazel's comments, over exposure.

Complaint - The coverage given to the incumbent was positive and the other candidates was much less so.  Over the years Mississauga News is aware of many worthy community services I have done but none are mentioned.  In this case the Mississauga News has effectively written McCallion's campaign literature.

Complaint - This article states the Mayor plans to attend all, all-candidates meetings.  In fact she would not attend one in Lakeview or make any effort to schedule it for a time she could attend it.  This fact was not reported to the public.

Complaint - The Mississauga News doesn't question the fact a 79 year old lady will not be campaigning.  Questions of both physical and mental health for anyone that old are very serious and no question or follow up if she knew of any medical conditions that could affect her job performance.  On my web-site is the Mayor stating there is a coup out to get her and that I am a part of it.  The Mississauga News didn't report that very important and serious statement.  Truly an example of not reporting the news to aid the re-election of a very elderly incumbent.  Her lack of campaigning was not questioned as it could show ill health.  For anyone 79 years old health concerns are paramount.  Even the question of are we doing the right thing by re-elected someone whose life could be shorten by the stress of public office, was not reviewed.

Complaint - Token coverage to ensure there will be the self-for-filling providence of an election no one is interested in, as nothing of interest is reported.  The term "fascist" is such a strong one that it demands a full explanation but none is given as that would draw attention to what is going on in local government, that has not been reported in the past.  A key element is the Mississauga News has not been reporting the news for so long they can't start now or people would be asking, why not at the time?

    On Oct. 27/00, a letter from Nando Iannicca, Councillor for Ward 7, had his letter printed and this letter was a personal shot at another candidate in what was seen as a tight race.  The Mississauga News didn't inform other candidates they could now have a letter printed or that there was a change in the policy.  The incumbent got special treatment.  Further more there was no need for the letter to be printed at all.  An article could easily have been printed to deal with the same content.  The Mississauga News went out of its way to print a letter by an incumbent, clearly noting his name and that he is the Councillor, accusing another candidate of making false statements and inappropriate conduct (double dipping into taxpayer pockets).  I spoke to Judy Imerson, Director of Editorial, about this letter and was treated to enough frivolous and vexatious reasoning to last a life time.  She claims the Councillor didn't have his say and they edited his letter.  That the Councillor was only responding to remarks the other candidate made.  Clearly they didn't tell him to buy an add.

Complaint - The Mississauga News claims to have a policy not to publish the letters of declared candidates.  In fact this policy is applied unfairly as letters from incumbents are published.

    On Nov. 1/00, the Mississauga News printed a picture and story of a young girl dressed up for Halloween who says "McCallion is a good role model for young women".  For years I have presented reasons why the Mayor should be no ones role model, no counter point in this article.

Complaint - Part of a pattern that the Mississauga News is excessively promoting the name of a candidate during an election.  This event can easy be staged by McCallion supporter for free publicity.  It should not have run during the election.

    On Nov. 8/00, I delivered a letter to Ron Lenyk (you) - Publisher and Judy Imerson - Director of Editorial, asking they publish all candidates e-mail and web-site address and even giving my permission to publish mine.  I also noted the Mississauga News has printed a letter by a sitting politician, against what I am told is the policy of the paper and given that fact my guest column should be printed.  A guest column that was submitted before I became a candidate.  I would like to note that the staff and publisher at the Mississauga News is very creative when it comes up with reasons for shutting out the little guy while giving advantage to the incumbents.  None the less they are unreasonable reasons.  The Mississauga News had in its possession a fair method to resolve this dispute, it took no action.

Complaint - The Mississauga News should have printed candidates e-mail and web-site address, when ever (or often), it reported on those candidates.  So the candidates can provide their platforms in detail and give their side of the story.  It takes very little effort to do so and it would help off set the Mississauga News not reporting the election.  It will also help motivate these community newspapers and newspapers in general to cover events/issues more completely.  A copy of the Toronto Star article date Nov. 6/00, is enclosed and it did print the web-site address of candidate for Mayor of Mississauga.

Complaint - That the Mississauga News will print the letters of incumbents during an election and not do the same to other candidates.  Against its stated but never provided policy.

Complaint - I requested the same treatment as was given to an incumbent and the printing of my guest column that was submitted before the election.  It dealt with a serious issue and our rights as Canadians.  The Mississauga News not only said no but would not enter into discussions about what else could be done to be fair to other candidates, now that it had published the letter of a declared candidate during the election period.

Complaint - The Mississauga News with held the full details of this issue, the subject of my guest column (Vandalism and Violence), from the election to help the incumbent (the Mayor, Hazel McCallion), in her effort to not campaign in this election.  The Mississauga News aided a politician in not campaigning during an election.  Such a course of action is totally contrary to the very principals of a free press in a democratic society.

    I had spoken to the Mississauga News about a guest column about the City's new Vandalism and Violence in City Facilities policy (approved by Council in Aug./00), and the newspaper expressed interest in printing it.  However they never did printed it.  The Mississauga News did, well after the election, Dec. 1/00, print an article about this policy that was misleading in how it can be applied.  The Mississauga News knowingly fails to report this policy will be applied to all City property and is not as reported, dealing with just sport violence.  The Mississauga News even prints a editorial that states part of this policy is "downright ridiculous".  This negative opinion was with held till after the election so our aging Mayor would not have to deal with real issues during her re-election.  A clear bias in her favor and aid in her
re-election.  A story by the Toronto Star is also enclosed to show how the facts get reported.  The Toronto Star goes further in reporting that it will include parks and what are called acts of violence.  The Toronto Star is able to cover more facts (still far short of full and fair coverage), then the Mississauga News, in less space.  As The Mississauga News is the only real community newspaper in Mississauga there should be better coverage, not less.  Issues exploring its affect on the greater community are not dealt with even after I had raised them, in the election.

     From my Dec. 29/00, letter requesting published corrections and which has been expanded to include more items.

    On Nov. 8/00, on the front page, false statements were made that your paper was aware were false.  I am formally requesting that your paper print a correction and as the Mississauga News has already printed one correction on the front page in the 2000 election I would expect this correction to be on the front page as well.

Complaint - It needs to be noted that the Mississauga News improperly used a title block stating "OPINION".  The fashion in which the false statements were presented was not one that expressed an opinion but rather that they were facts.

Complaint - The Mississauga News falsely claims that I am "unemployed", this question has been specifically asked to me by Mississauga News staff, they were informed that is untrue and at no time in the past have they been told other wise.

Complaint - The News claims that I am "environmentalist", untrue, all statements both verbal and often submitted in writing note that I am a Democratic Activist.  The News wrongfully reports my efforts in the community are environmentally centred when in fact they are for the democratic empowerment of the community and taxpayers.  Also the Mississauga News used the term "environmentalist" as many in the community would have disrespect for it.

Complaint - The News wrongfully presents a statement often made by local politicians "disseminating misinformation", as if it was a fact and presents no example (just like the politicians).  The Mississauga News, in repeating what is a known politicians opinion, (who are currently seeking public office), as if it was the Mississaugans News opinion, without questioning it or exploring how factual it is.  This shows a bias infavor of ruling government and supports incumbents in their efforts defame and slander those who oppose them in the election/community in general.   This method displays a clear political basis, fails to uphold respectable reporting practices and misleads people into believing it is a factual statement.  The Mississauga News doesn't make the same comment about incumbents politicians, which creates a false impression that Mississauga's politicians are somehow so superior that they never lie.  The Hazel myth.

Complaint - Given the above, that the Mississauga News is repeating, without facts to back it up, the opinions of politicians, the issue of unsigned editorials is a serious one.  The Mississauga News should state who wrote or help create its editorials.  In this case is sounds like the Mayor or other Mississauga politicians helped write it.

Complaint - The same is true for "Barber spends a disproportionate amount of time disrupting meetings" and "negating what little positive impact he actually makes", is again a bias political statement that does not taking into consideration all the facts or report them.  This unbalanced reporting never states the good I have done.  The Mississauga News knowingly fails to report the large number of supporters in the community, instead it puts me in a false light, that of a loner.  This again supporters and aids the incumbents.  The Mississauga News portrays those who question local government as not only wrong but by these misleading statements they boarding on illegal activity.  The Mississauga News knows that they are withholding the facts to create a bias opinion in peoples mind, that the incumbents would gain from.

Complaint - This article notes other mayoralty candidates haven't "unable to unearth anything detrimental to her (Hazel's), chances for re-election".  In fact the Mississauga News has with held the facts I have presented to the media.  That Hazel was an unlawful developer and that she talked about a coup out to get her.

Complaint - This opinion piece deals with personal attacks against those who oppose the incumbents it doesn't deal with issues or platforms, which should be the case in an election.  This piece is the dumbing down of the election to the level of herd animals.

Complaint - The Mississauga News never says or suggests its own coverage is one sided for any reason.

Complaint - The comments made by the Mississauga News regarding Hazel McCallion are extreme enough to be called propaganda.  The Mayor is referred to as "St. Hazel", "the public's over wheeling support of, and undying love affair with, Her Worship.", "unwavering loyalty.", and in the end comes right out to say "there's only one choice for Mayor.  Can you spell McCallion?"  This opinion piece doesn't treat the incumbent in the same negative light as the other candidates, a clear bias.

Complaint - The Mississauga News made no effort to deal with this complaint (Dec. 29/00), so far as I can see.

    On Nov. 10/00, I spoke to you about printing a response to your papers Nov. 8, "opinion", piece and you assured me that you were a fair and democratic person and were committed to printing my point of view.  As the deadline was tight I contacted your Managing Editor, Steve Pecar and when asked if Ron Lenyk has spoke to him about our (another candidate for Mayor also wanted to respond to Mississauga News comments as he felt they were unwarranted person attacks), S. Pecar informed me - Yes he said that we are not going to print anything you send, that's what he told me.  When I asked when did Ron tell him that - right after talking to you, he then starts to swear and insult at me.  I have every reason to believe S. Pecar's response is a truthful response.  I didn't send in a piece at that time, as it clearly was pointless waste of time.

     For years the Mississauga News has been known as the "Missing News", as it doesn't cover the stories fully and leaves out the facts that would call into questions how the City is run.  During the election and even that very same day Ron and Steve were telling me that I should take out adds to present my platform, e-mail and web-site address.  There is a certain responsible to the community that comes from being a newspaper and covering a community election.  What I see here is the Mississauga News taking advantage of its power to print misleading and harmful statements about candidates and limiting their ability to campaign by not printing their Internet address.  This give undue advantage to the incumbents as the issues that should be discussed in an election are made public and the Mississauga News doesn't give meaningful coverage to the election.

Complaint - The staff at the Mississauga News would respond with statements that candidates who don't like the coverage they were getting should take out adds.  This sounds too much like you get bad coverage till you can buy better.  Fairness and balanced reporting from a newspaper should be normal not something you have to buy.

     The Mississauga News was made aware that certain statements it printed in its "opinion", were false or misleading.  On its own the Mississauga News didn't print a correction.  Dec. 29/00, two letters were personally received by Ron Lenyk, Publisher.  The Dec. 28/00 letter asked for information regarding how the paper was run.  The Dec. 29/00 letter was a formally request for a published correction and went into detail about what they were.  There was no action taken.  I called to see what you were doing, you told me that you had forwarded it to your editor.  I noted it was addressed to you and I expected a response from you and it was agreed you would ask for the letters back, to review them.  Apr. 26/01, I fax off you a letter that reminds you of the two letters that you have not responded to and included them in the faxed letter.  I have spoken to you on the phone but believe you fell little desire to deal with this issues as you have not in the past and impressed me as a person who will not deal responsibility with this issue.  I am sick of hear excuse after excuse, for your inaction.

     I am again filing a formally complaint with the Mississauga News and also with the Ontario Press Council.  This complaint is also being posted on my web-site,

    On Nov. 8/00, head line - Mayoralty race, C5 - the Mississauga News ran its review of those running for office.  This deals with the Mayor.

Complaint - the Mississauga News presents the fact Hazel has no platform, no brochure and is not campaigning as being reasonable.  No self respecting newspaper in a democratic country should take that position.  Not even a reasonable question about if she can live till the end of her term.

Complaint - For a politician who the Mississauga News reports has been in politics for 30 years they make no negative or balanced statements about her.  This piece reads like it was written as one of her campaign brochures.

    On Nov. 8/00, head line, Mayoralty race, C5 - the Mississauga News ran its review of those running for office.  This one about me.  It misrepresents the fact that is clearly stated in my election platform/bio, that I am a Democratic Activist, not an environmentalist.  This in order to lead Mississaugans to believe there is no reason for people fighting local government for democratic rights, as Hazel has looked after it all.  Again, token election coverage with few meaningful details.  This kind of coverage doesn't befit the seriousness of a democratic election but I would say it was not out of simple neglect.

Complaint - the Mississauga News misleading readers by misquoting my election platform that clearly stated the nature of my work for the past six years and why I was living in poverty.  I would say this was done to aid the incumbent's election effort.

Complaint - The withholding of this greater effort (small as it is), till only a few days before the end of the campaign.  Making it very hard to follow up on anything they read and limiting the public's ability to explore issues before the vote.  This should have been present at the mid-way point in the election.

Complaint - This article was far back in the newspaper in the community section (C5).  Where it would likely be missed, as the front section of this same newspaper had the opinion piece with its very personal attacks.  Making it very unlikely people would feeling the need to read this article.  If they even found it.

    On Nov. 8/00, The Mississauga News uses a head line with tax break in it, on page A4.  This article is about a ratepayers meeting but for most who would just skim over the headlines it reads like a candidate who is well know for keeping taxes down is again promising a better deal on taxes.

Complaint - Part of a pattern that the Mississauga News is excessively promoting the name of a candidate during an election.  The name of a incumbent in the headline was unnecessary and to be fair her name should not be used as an attention grabber.  As it unfair promotes her in an election, she says she is not even campaigning in.  She is also the lead in the article so people need only read the first few paragraphs to get her story.

Complaint - This article again shows the Mississauga News does not cover the back ground or the issues raised in the campaign.  It just prints a quote for a person or paraphrase and calls that coverage.  This favors the incumbent as the readers are give no details to fully understand the issues or events.  Also in this case an example of how the Mississauga News doesn't fairly present election coverage.  It doesn't present during the election issues or platforms on their own.  What coverage is given is usually during an event.  There is a bit at the start of the election and at the end but if there were no events in between, then there would be no coverage!  Ratepayers didn't have debates in this election (I did speak to some), as they didn't see there was any issues because the Mississauga News didn't fairly present the issues.

    On Nov. 10/00, front page.  Again the Mississauga News puts out a free promotional add for the Mayor which is uncalled for but which helps to build her image and aids her re-election bid.  There is no need for promoting her "Birthday bash" at that time and no need for it to be on the front page.  Most certainly no need for it to be in the Friday before the Monday election newspaper.

Complaint - The Mississauga News is giving a candidate a free promotional add right on the front page.

    On Nov. 10/00, front page.  A correction was printed regarding Ron Starr, another (ex)-Councillor up on fraud or corruption charges.  In the very same newspaper as this correction appears a letter from Hazel McCallion appears in the letters to the editor section about the very same matter.  There is no need for it what-so-ever, a correction has already been printed.

Complaint - The Mississauga News is again showing its bias to incumbents by promoting their names over and over in their newspaper.

Complaint - Again the so-called policy against publishing letters from declared candidates doesn't apply to incumbents.  Especially one the Mississauga News calls a Staint.

    On Nov. 13/00, The Toronto Star prints a letter about "McCallion neglects duties".  This letter was written by a Mississaugan and it was published by a Toronto newspaper.  As the Toronto Star is owned by the same group Torstar, this letter could have been shared by both the Mississauga News and Toronto Star.  It is provided as a example of how negative comments toward McCallion are left to the very last of the election, too late for people to really consider.

Complaint - In general - The Mississauga News didn't examine the issues or platforms during the election to do a third party review.  It effectively stays out of the election/issues except to aided the incumbents by conducting personal attacks on their rivals and generally not reporting or misreporting.  The Mississauga News has a responsibly to explore the issues to see which candidate has the more reasonable position on that issue.  Instead they only quoted the candidates and left it up to the reader to figurer it out.  This aids the incumbents, especially as the Mississauga News has not been factually reporting politics events for years.  This also adds to there being no election interest and aids the incumbents.

Complaint - In general - The Mississauga News effectively aided the creation of a cult of personally regarding Hazel McCallion and made no effort to explore or balance its reporting about how wonderful she was.  One key element of fairness is that the newspaper can be seem as being fair and balanced in its reporting.  Taking all the election coverage together and reviewing what was not a part of its election coverage, the Mississauga News can't even be seen as being even handed.

Complaint - In general - I have been often told that the reason articles don't run right after they occur is there is no space in the newspaper, as the adds come first.  A so-called newspaper should find the space for news or note clearly that, that publication prints new only when the space left over from adds permits.  Inclosed is my Dec. 13/00 letter of protest to the Mississauga News for not publishing a new story, that its reporter told me was written in time to make a difference but the editor said they had no space in their so-called newspaper for news.

     Again (from my Dec. 28/00 letter), I request information to gain a greater understanding of the Mississauga News's editorial guide lines and policies that are used.  I would like a copy of what the editorial staff uses in making decision regarding what is printed, how and when.

*     how it is decided when a story can run;

*     a statement regarding what can be printed by persons running for
        public office  - during an election;

*     why e-mail and web-sites of candidates are not published;

*     when and/or how the News will run a correction to one of its stories;

*     how much news will run and how much in the way of adds in an issue
        of the  Mississauga News;

*     what the News feels is libelous or otherwise unsuitable to print;

*     any statement regarding conflict of interest regarding relationships
        between the staff of the Mississauga News and the any level of
        government and its employees/politicians.

Complaint - The Mississauga news did not respond to the above reasonable requests to better aid the public in dealing when their newspaper.

Also asked for;

*     a copy terms and conditions of the sale of the Booster to Mertoland
        Publishing and Distribution.

*     a list of all the community groups, boards, committees and organizations
        that you (Ron Lenyk), have belonged to over the years.  As I would like
        to explore how close you are to the City of Mississauga and its
        events/interests.  The question of a conflict of interest, needs to be
        explored.  Or moral conflict of interest.

    Further issues of conflict of interest in the Mississauga News coverage, that should be considered in the review of the election coverage by the Mississauga News:

     As the Mississauga News is a part of the Torstar group, it is closely connected to the Toronto Star.  Similar reporting practices are likely to have the same source reason.  The Toronto Sun is also used as an example as there is common elements, even though this is not a complaint about the Toronto Star or the Toronto Sun.

     There is a dangerous trend in how politics is being reported and a need for some very necessary guidelines and reasonable reporting practices be put in place.  Other wise it will be who is better friend of the media who gets the winning election coverage.  As Hazel McCallion has been in power for 30 some years, she is in the position to have made the friends who will give her the help she needed to get elected with the most cost effective way.  In this election, she openly said would not campaign in.  That is one reason many democratic countries put term limits on its public offices, to stop the creation of pocket dictators, who grow too powerful in office.

     Democracy, a time to make sure there is a great effort made to explore community issues in the name of fairness, democracy and civic responsibility.  The burden for a newspaper is at its greatest NOT to favor the ruling incumbents.  The Mississauga News is the only real local/city wide community newspaper.  The other publication is The Booster, which is limited in area and a heavy censored good news newspaper.  The recent sale of The Booster after the election now gives the Mississauga News a monopoly on the community market.  This sale, noted Feb. 9/01, only a few months after the election.  The Booster was owned by Hazel McCallions' family and I see the timing as being suspicious.  The Mississauga News wants a monopoly/controlling interest in the local newspapers and the McCallion family want the kind of election coverage that would get, an old lady who hasn't got the strength to campaign and many skeletons in her closet, elected.  Sounds to me like payment for services rendered.

     The Mississauga News is by not presenting the issues that candidates put forward ensured the incumbents would not be taken to task or held accountable for their actions in office.  And the Mississauga News is by not presenting the issues showed favouritism to the incumbents so the public would not be aware of the issues and the incumbents would not have to address them.  Smothering political debates.

     It should be noted Mississauga is in a very big development boom, that our incumbents support, money  from developers for house/subdivision adds flows into the pockets of the newspapers.  Just as it flows into the pockets of our politicians.  It is shown on my web-site, that developers or related industries fund 80% or more of current elected officials, election campaigns.  Both the Toronto Star and the Mississauga News would be heavily motivated by money to see election of those who will keep things just as they are.  Pick up a weekend Toronto Star and see the full color, full page adds.  Real Estate adds in the Mississauga News are large part of that newspaper, as well.

    Provided are three pages from the Toronto Sun, New Homes section, Oct. 27-29/00, during the election, showing Hazel McCallion as the pitch person for Mississauga.  Her large picture and glowing pro-Hazel article both support her election.  A good example of how newspapers can write election material and have it seem like an information piece.  Most important, it backs up my statement that development in Mississauga is exceptional and so would the money that would try to keep out those who opposed this explosive growth.  Given those facts, there would be reasonable doubt to the Mississauga News said it was ignoring the financial realities of doing business and making very large amounts of money off of Mississauga's development boom.  It would be hard to believe the Mississauga News and the Toronto Star are being as fair and balanced as they can be, especially given the facts presented in this formal complaint.  After all who can really make them act more democratic and just, if they don't want to be?

     Another example of media bias that needs to be presented as it supports the claim there was a bias in how the media reported the 2000 election.  In this case it is a gender bias, that Peter Robertson, a three time Mayor of Brampton and no fool when it comes to understanding and interpreting how the media works.  In two articles, the Toronto Star Nov. 14 & 15/00 he notes false information being spread and that the media favoured the female candidate.  Media coverage can make or break, or be the reason why you campaign or not!

    Also included is the beginning a Toronto Star article, Oct. 11/00, that took almost a whole page.  A shameless pro-Hazel article with no effort to balance, put out just before the election.  That all but said we don't need an election, it will be Hazel again.  It is no wonder the Mayor feels no need to attend a Canadian election, as her good friends in the Torstar/Mississauga News can be trusted to promote Hazel elected again so who cares if she dishonours our democratic traditions and not only does she not campaign but even leaves the country for what can best called a vacation.

    Please ask if you need more to prove a given point or if you would like it clarified.

     I am willing to discuss my letter with you, in case the wording seems a little ambiguous or you want something explained.

Please find enclosed;

1). A copy of my guest column dated Oct. 9/00.
2). A copy of my election platform and bio.
3). A copy of my letter dated Nov. 8/00.
4). A copy of my letter dated Dec. 28/00.
5). A copy of my letter dated Dec. 29/00 - formal complaint.
6). A copy of my letter dated Dec. 29/00 - protest.
7). A copy of my letter dated Apr. 26/01
8). A copy of an article dated Oct. 18/00 - MN
9). A copy of a letter to the editor dated Oct. 27/00 - MN
10). A copy of an article dated Nov. 1/00 - MN
11). A copy of an article dated Nov. 6/00 - Toronto Star
12). A copy of an article dated Nov. 8/00 - MN - 4 pages
13). A copy of an article dated Nov. 8/00 - MN - 1 pages
14). A copy of an article & letter to editor dated Nov. 10/00 - MN - 4 pages
15). A copy of a letter to the editor dated Nov. 13/00 - Toronto Star
16). A copy of an article dated Dec. 1/00 - Toronto Star - V & V
17). A copy of an article dated Dec. 1/00 - MN - V & V
18). A copy of an editorial dated Dec. 1/00 - MN - V & V
19). A copy of an article dated Feb. 9/01 - MN - The Booster - 2 pages
20). A copy of an article dated Oct. 27-29/00 - Toronto Sun - 3 pages
21). A copy of part of an article dated Oct. 11/00 - Toronto Star
22). A copy of an article dated Nov. 14/00 - Toronto Star
23). A copy of an article dated Nov. 15/00 - Toronto Star

Sincerely yours - Donald Barber

It will make a difference!


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