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The End  of  Suburbia
Peak Oil  -  the End of Cheap Oil
 and the Economy that Supports it

The Solution to it
A  New  Urban  Development Economy


!!!!!!! It is also about JOBS FOR LIFE !!!!!!!

Table of Contents

Main stream media is now loudly warning us that this is to be taken VERY seriously!

The May 26, 2005,  flyer - best current read of ideas.

Tired of hearing about all the environmental doom and gloom, with little to nothing you can do about it? 
Now there is a plan to solve most of the problems.

    In the Canadian made documentary "The End  of  Suburbia" the end of cheap oil is noted to us and this warning is so well known and by thousands of knowledgeable persons, even National Geographic (June 2004), has run an article about it.  This plan is for a New Urban Development Economy that deals with a coming future where we will not be able to carry on with our current life style and that will mean in many cases suddenly not being able to afford a their homes!   Please excuse the fact I am not the best writer and these ideas need to be better presented.  If you would like to help contact me at   -  donbar(at)         More will be added in next few weeks, so come back soon.

    In simplest terms, the oil will become so expensive that the cost of everything that uses it will sky rocket, beyond the affordable for most people.  That the suburbs  can only exist  due to cheap gas, as they are too spread out for mass transit.   When  people are no longer able to drive to work, how will they get there?  Haft an hour or longer on a bike in all weather to get to transit stations?  How long could you keep that up? 

Check it out  - Hubbert's Oil Peak to explain the end of cheap oil.

Most people wrongly think this issue mostly affects them in terms of higher fuel prices.

There is the matter of how much oil is used in farming, so food for your family will become a problem.

In fact, health care is something they should be very concerned about as modern medicine relies heavily on the use of plastics,
which come from oil.  Plastics that should not be made from recycled material.
For that matter, imagine a world where plastic becomes is so costly it is not reasonable to use it in most of its (current), common everyday uses.
What would the children play with?

    The bigger picture is more important, in North American most of our economy is geared towards creating subdivisions or suburbia.  The economy is often measured in housing starts.  Then there is home renovations and filling the huge homes being built (that use too much building materials to make), with more belongings than most people can use in a life time, more than a couple times. 

    The greatest benefit this plan addresses the greatest loss, that our current economy and Canadians, will soon suffer.  Too many people will be living too far from work and need to move back into urban centre BUT there will not be enough housing there for them.  That tens of thousands of families who have poured money and effort into improving their homes will find they can't sell it any where near what they think it is worth & they can't afford to live in it.  Banks will soon be evicting the equivalent of whole cities!  Also, thousands will be unemployed as they are trained to build subdivisions or related industries, which now people can’t afford to live in.  What jobs will they be able to find?  This plan solves all these problems and more.

When you look at the items presented in this plan,
know it also does something else very important

 - it helps you understand the scale of the problem.
One of the greatest difficulties for people is to visualize or relating to how big the collapse of our current economy will be.
By looking at the scale of the projects that would best deal with the coming new reality,
people can better begin to see the scale of the events come our way
- that we will not be able to just carry on some how.

*        Have you figured out how costly gas has to become before you can not afford to drive to and from work & own your home? 
          Remember when the cost of gas goes up, most everything else increase in cost as well.  Like food trucked up from the USA. 
          Everything else you buy will also increase in price 5% to 10% or moreAlso, will your job even exist?

    Today most efforts at protecting the environment or changing the harmful aspects of our economy, at best make little changes.  These will not overcome the grand damage being done daily, world wide by an industrial economy devoted to destroying the environment we need to live in.  We need to go big, in order to make changes big enough to make a difference!

    The beauty of this idea is that it does not matter if you believe if gas will become too costly or if there will be global warming or what is causing it - it is still the best way to create mass housing there is.   This is something that has to be done regardless of the reasons why.  It can be done anywhere in the world.  The concept is the one with the greatest vision and chance for Canada to develop a profitable world class technology that the whole world needs.  This idea, properly presented to the public is most assured to gain not only their whole hearted support but also proves that their government truly has a 21 first century vision. 

    We have all the technology needed.  But we need to create an economic model to shift from the short term profiting with houses to the longer term profits in this kind of housing.  It has one main idea but numerous related ones.  At a recent public meeting in Streetsville held by Wajid Khan, MP, where the rough ideas were presented, one was openly acknowledged as a good one by the members of the Houses of Commons.

    Some people may think my idea for dealing with this coming problem is not appropriate but Mr. Kunstler  notes "a great philosopher said new ideas are often greeted in three stages.  First, they're ridiculed. Second, they're violently opposed.  And finally they're accepted as self-evident.".

    The ideas presented here have been already been submitted to the Ontario government and of course there was no response.

First to - Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe                         Sept. 22, 2004
Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal
Smart Growth Secretariat                                                                            Fax.# 416 585-7639
777 Bay St., 16th Floor,  Toronto, Ont.            M5G 2E5

RE:    Submission to the Places to Grow - discussion paper, part of the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

and second to - 
The Standing Committee on General Government           Apr. 25, 2005
ATTN: Tonia Grannum - Committee Clerk.
Whitney Block, Room 1405                                                                           Fax.# 416 325-3505
Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ont.   M7A 1A2

RE:    Submission to the Standing Committee on General Government regarding,  Bill 136 - Places to Grow Act.

Table of Contents;

The End of Suburbia - the web-site its makers
Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream
The Electric Wallpaper Co., c/o VisionTV, 80 Bond Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5B 1X2,
web site:, 78 minute DVD, $27.75 US/$34.50 Canadian

Continuous Communities - a draft concept.

After the oil is gone - James Howard Kunstler interview (the main narrator of the video "The End of Suburbia.").
His web-site -

The End of Cheap Oil
National Geographic Society - June 2004 - part of  a cover article.

Welcome to the age of scarcity
Globe and Mail - 2005 - The Globe and Mail, the leading national and business newspaper in Canada proves how seriously we should all take the end of cheap oil by running a 7 day series of articles about it - that is how BIG the problem is!!!!!!
Only some of the articles are presented here, this is the list of  other items on the Globe and Mail ;

Web Extra
Listen to our audio slide show: Globe and Mail Alberta correspondent Patrick Brethour discusses the looming oil shortage

  • Watch the audio slide show

    Saturday May 21

  • Welcome to the age of scarcity
  • Supply: Are Saudi reserves drying up?
  • Demand: China's unquenchable thirst
  • Reguly: Deal junkie set to play trust consolidation game
  • Key to making money in oil is getting trend right
  • North-South energy links are growing ever tighter
  • Sustained high prices redraw Canada's economic map
  • How to grind the oil sands into a 'sausage factory'

    Monday May 23
  • Deep pockets buy into high tech
  • Startup aims to feast on the scraps

    Tuesday May 24
  • The great Caspian Sea adventure
  • Hot Spots: Six emerging frontiers

    Wednesday May 25
  • Needle edging closer to empty
  • Extreme engineering: pipeline edition

    Thursday May 26
  • Clean coal: Soot gets another look
  • Fuel cell: Juice for buses, and laptops?
  • Wind power: Taking energy from thin air
  • Auto industry steers course to trim the fat from vehicles
  • What's fuel cost? Depends on our wages

    Friday May 27
  • The fuel that's locked in ice
  • 'Abiotic' petroleum debate rocks on

  • Oil sands mother lode could doom gas reserves
    Globe and Mail -a warning - "Imagine the premier of Ontario explaining to voters that the province can't build a Kyoto friendly gas plant to replace the doomed coal burners because Alberta needs the clean fuel to make oil for American SUVs."

    It's the End of the World as We Know It
    A review of  documentary film The End of Suburbia, that gives a short version of the videos message.

    Mythoilogy - Eight wrong ways to think about the future of energy.
    Maclean's Canadian Business

    Check out one of my other Web-pages - Will the Ontario government's plans to use Natural gas for power generation endanger supplies, create shortages & drive prices up
    Maybe lead to drilling in the Arctic?

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