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Ontario Municipal Board
Ontario Municipal Board - OMB

Code of Conduct  -  Public Complaints Policy
And Member Position Description

You can Appeal an OMB decision

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The Culham Brief will not be wholly put on the internet
if you want a copy you will have to order one.

The issue of concern and the legal standard performed to is, what would a reasonable lay person, made aware of the facts see?  If there is even a "reasonable apprehension of bias", then it is totally wrong for D. Culham to have sat as the judge of this matter
and his decision should not stand!

We need you to judge, those who would judge us!
If you do not stand up for the rights of others - then you will surely lose yours!

Other Ontarian's letters about OMB members.

A  CITIZENS  INQUIRY  ***                                           ***  A  CITIZENS  INQUIRY

The Culham Brief

         Questions of Conflict of Interest & Bias in an
  Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) precedent - setting Hearing.

      Do you want to legalize Scandalous or Corrupt conduct
                  in the government of Ontario?

  Or are you SICK of Scandal and Injustice at taxpayers expense?
NOW you can help taxpayers
- To hold bureaucrats accountable
- Before they do the same Injustice to YOU.
         We need you to judge, those who would judge us!

This matter is setting a precedent that affects all of Ontario as the OMB is legalizing ex-politicians being able to judge matters they were extensively involved with during their political careers - judging their own work - legalizing Bias & injustice.  They can hardly claim they are impartial judges when dealing with those who they have shown malevolence toward in the past.  There is evidence they are carrying on with their old grudges.  The OMB Chair was informed that OMB member D. Culham put utterly false and slanderous information in his written OMB decision and the Chair would not even review the matter.  The OMB and its web-site are now a soap box for OMB members personal use.  An OMB Hearing that was shockingly confrontational, even towards Paul Szabo M.P., is detailed.  Mr. Szabo M.P. came out to support  Mississaugans' request for more time to make their case and that the process was badly flawed.

How can we allow an ex-politician to say (& the OMB to agree) that he is an impartial judge
    when his documents say he put forward the creation of a
against a community leader and that the community group be replaced by City one?

 The community is fighting to save itself and a Provincially Significant Wetlands/Urban Old-Growth forest with a Federally declared Threatened species (the Jefferson Salamander) in it, from elimination by the City of Mississauga.  The City's efforts include not recognizing our Ratepayers' group and our low density community has acted as a buffer zone for this environmentally sensitive area but now the City wants to replace it with high density townhouses.  No recognition of our success story.

Big Pipe drains Provincially Significant Wetlands & a community's watertable surreptitiously towards a Canadian National railway corridor, often used by GO trains. On the enclosed video tape.
How the Freedom of Information Act was unlawfully used to deny access to Planning staff.

This is a non-profit effort that includes an outreach campaign that needs to be financed.  Price for The Culham Brief/Survey, 52 pages of text & 54 pages of documents with a short VHS tape, is $23. Any amount over cost will go to furthering this effort so please give generously, after all if not you, than who?  If you are not in the immediate area, for free deliver or arrangements can be made for pick-up, then add $10 for mailing to most places in Ontario.

Help us and Ontario by becoming informed as
Silence is Agreement.
!!! Please Act Quickly - While Copies Are Still Available !!!

- Please ask your friends and neighbours to help out & be informed of what is really going on -
 Mail to; FCB, Station B, Box 1504, Mississauga, Ontario. L4Y 4G2
Cheques should be made out to the - Friends of the Cawthra Bush (FCB)

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