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Opening comments:  More at the end.

    This was one of the cover letters used when the letter sent to
Tim Peterson, M.P.P., was forwarded {faxed & E-mailed}, to the media and some political parties.    No one cared enough to followed up.

    It is noted that the Lakeview site has many good features for building a Natural gas power plant on.  This is looking at all side of the argument and if some thing that was questionable was going to be done (like switching over to Natural gas as is being done, in the way it is),  than lets get it right.  Lets not keep making bad and costly decisions one after the other.

    It has been noted that the EPCOR power plant would use huge amounts of water for cooling.  Would it not be reasonable & logical to build right on the lake front to have direct access to the cool Lake Ontario water?    Why is this not happening when the land is already owned?

The land use  &  Hazel  McCallion - the Queen of Sprawl - what is her role?

    How will she profit from her support of shutting down Lakeview?

    The other issue this is what happens to the land that the Lakeview generation station stands on & the hydro line corridor from the lake-shore to the QEW.  The Mayor of Mississauga or the Queen of Sprawl is well known for developing the hell out of communities and farm lands.  Her support for closing Lakeview and NOT putting a Natural gas power generation plant there is note worthy.

    Clearly she wants to create more gridlock in the Lakeview area by increasing the population with higher densities in the land that would become available after Lakeview closes.  No one else cares to ask about this.  The worse the gridlock the more likely people will move out of their homes with  deep lots, then bought by developers and still more money made by the City by more & more development!

    As it is clearly established that urban sprawl kills people - it rips the lungs from our children - it creates life long health problems. 
As the
Mayor of Mississauga holds the title of the Queen of Sprawl  ( by her own admission ), the idea that she helped close the coal-burning Lakeview power generation power plant over concerns about peoples health, is not something I buy.  It is far more likely that she wants the land to do her evil sprawl routine, again.

    Political decisions tend to be unreasonable, illogical and of course very costly to taxpayers,  so the friends of politicians can profit, at our expense.  Many aspects of the current plans are smelling like a politics, not reason and not for the greater good.  I think the Ontario government is serving up the Lakeview lands as a way to help get Hazel McCallion off its back.  She has been causing them a ton of trouble in her efforts to make Mississauga a separate City - before she dies - and she appears not to care how she does it.

ATTN: [ Media persons - reporters etc. ]

Letter to the Editor or story            Mar. 14 / 2005

Is there enough current natural gas supplies to fire all the power plants the Ontario Government wants to build?

OR will there be shortages to drive price up for everyone?  Will it mandate drilling in the Arctic?
Are ENRON like shortages of heating fuel in our future?  Will we have to chose between being in the dark and warm or lights on and freezing.

A letter has been sent to Tim Peterson, M.P.P., is enclosed asking for these concerns to be addressed.

Other causes for concerns are;

Why has the Ontario government not asked for tender for a natural gas power plant at old Lakeview station site?  Lots of land, power lines go there and 4 very large smoke stacks far higher then what these proposed gas are offering.  Not even hearing about plans for wind mills for that lakefront site.  A complete waste of the Lakeview sites industrial assets.

The David Suzuki Foundation latest work “Clean Energy or More Pollution?”, is just one of many to point out that Natural gas does not burn clean!

On the air pollution note why is the Ontario government so keen to have power plants beside residential areas?

Where is the end game?  Where is the plan to get us off natural gas and on to renewable energy sources?  Natural gas is a fossil fuel with limited supply that pollutes and more dangerous then coal to transport.            

The real reason we have this problem is government have for decades avoid funding the development of ways to filter smoke from industrial plants like coal plants.  
Create a crisis and then do what would normally be unreasonable.

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