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Therese Taylor

Therese Taylor was the Conservation Chair for the Peel Region Group - Sierra Club of Canada.  In 2006, she resigned from that post, details here.  She has gone on to form her own group - Citizens for Ethical Civic Engagement - to contact her -

There is more about her efforts to - Save Mississauga Forests - and stop the - Highway 401 Expansion In Mississauga.

Another Web-Site Where Items about Therese Taylor can be found Sustain Mississauga.

Save Mississauga's Forests

An Internet Petition.
The hard copy petition has gathered about 2000 signatures including: Dr. Riina Bray, co-author of Report on Public Heath & Urban Sprawl, Marty Collier, Linda Pim, Jeff Laidlaw, authors Trent, Jill and Jesse Frayne, Clayton Ruby and June Callwood.

To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

We, the undersigned residents of Ontario, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to refrain from cutting down trees in the Meadowvale Station Woods and from the woodland SW of 401/403 interchange, both in Mississauga.

We petition the Assembly to save these environmentally sensitive areas by halting the 401 Improvements project from Highway 410/403 Interchange to the Credit River and to use the projected $180 million cost of the project to find better alternatives to the increased gridlock the project would create.

Lasting solutions like improved mass public transportation and incentives to work close to home will provide greater returns. This is a test of your government's Greenbelt protection policies which put nature first.

Sincerely,  Click Here

What Will the Next Generation Eat?

Written by Therese Gain Taylor - Tuesday, 28 November 2006,
regarding her participation in an OMB Hearing regarding the opening for development of last large track of farm lands in Brampton.

Land use dispute will be heard by OMB Tuesday

More about Therese Gain Taylor, who has formed Citizens for Ethical Civic Engagement (CECE)
after breaking away from the Peel branch of the Sierra Club last spring,
fighting for farmlands and against climate change & foolish political planning.

Voting for Fennell/McCallion Means
Voting for More Sprawl, Less Farmland

Gain Taylor was given party status for the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing, which starts November 14th in Brampton Court on Ray Lawson Boulevard.  Of six parties, she is the only one who has not settled with Peel Region. She hasn’t given up on curbing sprawl and preserving precious farmland, including apple orchards and pumpkin patches enjoyed by so many city dwellers throughout the fall.

Sierra Club Settles For More GTA Sprawl

 Six of Seven of those executive committee members (one of the original signatories to the OMB appeal),
resigned in the spring because they questioned the leadership of the regional group,
especially how the interim chair was handling the farmland appeal.

Gore's message strikes home

Jun 28, 2006 - Mississauga News, Guest Column by Therese Taylor.

Preaching to the Converted?
Toning down the gift giving

Dec. 7, 2005 - Mississauga News, Guest Column by Therese Taylor.

Peel's Transit Woes

Dec 4, 2005 - Mississauga News, Letter to the editor, By Therese Taylor.

 Preserving nature benefits all of us

May 18, 2005 - Mississauga News,
Guest Column by Therese Taylor.

She started out being active in the below issue.

Therese TaylorSusan Karrandjas

Philip van Wassenaer,

(Urban Forest Innovations Inc.)

Have for the last 2 years been fighting to save a woodlands with rare trees like the shagbark hickory,
a Carolinian species rare in this area.
They thought they had won a victory and read how they got
shafted by the city!

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