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{The Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee}
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Where to start, there is some much? To start with, it is all about the bureaucratic game of creating records to base your decisions on, so that the decisions appear to be reasonable. At least to people who don't know all the facts. As I have not mastered the art of the web-page, the reader will have to do some of the moving around the web-pages that are linked to key words on this web-page, to find what is being referred to.

The two members of UFMAC that will be focused on the most are Dena Lewis and Jennifer Vincent. Both work for the Metropolitan Toronto Region Conservation Authority (MTRCA), now the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA). Jennifer Vincent did work in their watershed management Dept. but in mid 1998 approximately left the TRCA. As it has been noted to me.

One example is how they handled concerns about the Cawthra Bush by Robert Morris the Biologist at the Credit Valley Conservation.

An other example, is how they help a politician, Councillor Carmen Corbasson, change the minutes of an UFMAC meeting to include an event that didn't take place but which was reported to the residents as having happened.

The second greatest victory over the City and (UFMAC) was the stopping of deforestation of the east side of the Cawthra Bush, fully supported by UFMAC (they never questioned the City). In order to put in the watermain the entire length of the east side of the Cawthra Bush was clear cut, about 80 feet wide. The City was given some $200,000 to replant that area. There were two other watermain put into this area in the past but they were much smaller. When ever a utility, such as a watermain is puts in, the utility will get a contract that gives them land rights or easement rights to the land without actually buying the land. So you can't build on top of a watermain and if they need to fix something they can go on to the land without asking permission and do whatever repair is needed.

In the past the Cawthra Bush was allowed to reforest the areas cut to install the watermains but that was not what the City wanted to do this time! At the Mar. 18, 1998, UFMAC meeting Peter Lyons (Forest Technologist), notes" that 60% - 85% of the original 60 foot wide easement must be planted with grasses or wild flowers as the easement document states that no woody materials may be planted." If the City were to sell this grass and wild flower plan to the public, would there not be lot of money left over? I asked about who made this "interpretation" of the contract but was never answered. It does go to show how the City interprets things to its own advantage, not to the stated will of the residents. There is no evidence to suggest the City contacted the owners of the watermain and discussed what could or not be planted, before going to the UFMAC or the public.

At the Apr. 22, 1996, public meeting at the Cawthra Senior Citizen's Centre the City handed out a document contained two quotes. "What can the City plant on the easement? In order to allow vehicular and maintenance access to the watermains at all times, no woody plants (i.e. trees and shrubs) can be planted." and "The members of the Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee (U.F.M.A.C.), a select committee of Community Services Department, which includes Councillors Carmen Corbasson - Ward 1 and David J. Culham Ward 6 and six members of the public having specific expertise in the field of environmental sciences, have examined this proposal and endorsed it at their meeting on April 10th., 1996." This so called endorsement never took place.

UFMAC never questioned the City statements and it was noted that not only would "woody plants" not be planted but they would not be allowed to grow. DEFORESTATION!!

It was the Friends of the Cawthra Bush and the Greater Mississauga Area (FCB), that called the owners of the watermain and discovered woody plants could be planted on the easement and with the help of Mr. Hugh Anderson, President of the Credit Reserve Association (CRA), the City of Mississauga was stopped. It is worth noting that this ratepayers group, the CRA, was not the ratepayers group that the Cawthra Bush is in. The Cawthra Bush is in the South Applewood Residents Association's (SARA), area but they spoke not a word in our support.

This victory also means easements throughout Mississauga could be planted with woody plants now.

Seriously does UFMAC sound like they gave a damn? They couldn't even ask an intelligence question! The FCB did their work and I hammer that point home to the public and in letters.

This whole affair did have other fall out, including one less member of UFMAC. At the UFMAC meeting May 13, 1996, City staff bowed to public pressure and a meeting was held in regards to planting woody plants with KMK the engineering and landscape consultants for the Province, so they could get a written response from the Ontario Clean Water Agency, the owners of the pipe. At the UFMAC meeting June 24, 1996, the Chair Donald Wismer said he had to take a leave of absence, due to work for six months. He told me he was unhappy with the direction UFMAC was going. He has not been back.

Will UFMAC save a salamander? NO WAY, not with Dena Lewis around!
Yes here is a smoking gun, the City can avoid the whole amphibian issue as someone to put words into the mouth of an expert to say Donald Barber and everyone who signed the FCB petitions were wrong. I guess it doesn't matter how you win in Mississauga just as long as you win.

Yes there is more but that is all I have time for right now, you all come back now!

It will make a difference!
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