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 - 1994 -


The following are pictures taken in the winter of 1994 of the City of Mississauga's grand new idea - LOG AND TREE FARM PUBLIC PARKS.

The sign the City posted to explain to the public what was going on.  In case the members of the public jumped to the conclusion that the sounds and sight of hundreds of trees being fallen by chain saw and cut up for saw logs and fire wood could in any way be logging.

The two persons noted on the sign, Grant Walton & Peter Lyons were the ones whose names have been signed to the Cawthra Bush's Forest Management Plans.  The City was so impressed with the work Grant Walton (a forester), did that his contact with the City was not renewed.  Below is a picture with both of them.  Mr. Lyons to the left and Mr. Walton to the right.

Below is a sign from one of Mississauga's other parks that talks about Naturalization and letting Mother Nature do the landscaping.
The City of Mississauga appears to speaks with fork tongue.

From sign in Dellwood Park.


Naturalization. like wildlife, is a word we should all take very

* It means allowing land to regenerate, encouraging grass to grow,
   trees to re-seed themselves and native wildflowers to cultivate a and flourish.

* It means allowing Mother Nature to do the landscaping and
   inviting wildlife to revisit the land.

* It means letting nature be, in order to preserve our environment
   for future generations.

We've begun a naturalization program in this and other areas by Mississauga. More trees, wildflowers and native fruit and flower bearing shrubs are being planted.

Please enjoy the natural beauty of this area and always remember to let it be.

If you would like more information about naturalization,
call recreation and parks at 896-5384


(The City had to plant trees through out the Dellwood Park as the ones that grew there naturally had long since been cut down).

In reality this is what the City served up to us.

Some more pictures of that winter and remember it was the Friends of the Cawthra Bush that stop this from coming to a forest near you.

Above is was one on many piles of logs on the east side of the Cawthra Bush.

The two pictures below are examples of what was left behind on the forest floor.  The Credit Valley Conservation Authority did the logging and after a tree was cut down its branches were cut off, the piles are called "slash". Not a bad idea in general as they will slow rot in to the ground.  However being a urban forest and being over cut, as it was, this meant the area looked like a war zone from all the piles of "slash".  So much so, a fire hazard was created.  Many of these piles and other logs that were not collected, strangely disappeared by late spring.  The City told me they had to come in and remove some as they left too much on site.

These pictures just do not convey what it is like to stand in the Cawthra Bush and look around to see the forest awash with piles of "slash" every where you turn.

With the coming of spring, the sap starts to run and residents are treated to this scene over and over as they walk in the Cawthra Bush greeted by the hundreds of new stumps, the City of Mississauga has created from living trees.

This section will be added to in time, so you all come back now!

It will make a difference!
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