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Enclosure 66).
David Culham's  Secret  Security  Program  Memo

Opening comments:  More at the end.

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When you read this please keep in mind the 2 major issues it addresses;

1).    The legal precedent being set in Canada is that a person who has put forward the creation of a secret security program against a community leader and who has had many questionable dealings regarding the community that is the subject of a Hearing, can claim to be their impartial judge. Would you believe that the person who started a secret government security against you would be your impartial judge?

2).    That this is part of an effort to show not only how much Canadians have lost in the way of their Democratic rights but that it could affect anyone who opposes government plans, even down to the municipal level!  That this can affect those who have made every effort to play within the rules.

    It is very rare to find the documents that proves the Canadian government is caught with its pants down in its effort to remove a person from representing the community and opposing the government or proving as the saying goes "they are out to get me".  But this document goes even further, it noted that the security program is to be secret and that it is for the purpose of informing the public and media with.  In other words, to start framing and defaming a person so when the trap is sprung, the false records/history will make it appear like the City is the victim when it is really the BULLY.

    That by telling City and security staff that City politicians are centring out a certain person to be reported on, is telling City staff to create as many records as they can about that person, accusing that person of all kinds of misdeeds and to harass or provoking confrontation, then blame it on victim of their "security program".  I have been assaulted by City security in just that kind of effort.  Then this memo goes on to say, in so many words, the community group that opposes the City, should be replaced with one that will be controlled and friendly towards the City.

    All on one sheet of paper, the kind of sick political methods we have been told were common place in the Soviet  Union, clearly being practised in
Hazel  McCallion's  Mississauga.

    Parts are blocked out as they are too slanderous and remember this is part of a serious effort to publicly defame and remove me as a community leader, to eliminate the Friends of the Cawthra Bush.  "Cut off the head and the body dies" and after I am dealt with the City would have its group there to collect those who want to save the Cawthra Bush.  The goal was simple create a event or confrontation that can be used to arrest me then the City goes public with its created fictitious history knowing its good friends in the media will only print the City's side of the story and the Peel police will also aid the City's political agenda.  This has been seen in other examples of the Peel police coming after me, then reporting back to the politicians that sent them!  The City was aided by the Peel police in getting rid of a Union leader.  I am not the only victim of  Hazel Methods.   This is how government and politicians deals with people who are not so wealthy to buy justice at the drop of a hat in Canadian courts, people who in their eyes just don't matter to elected officials.

    There will be more added - later.

66). Sept. 23 / 1998 - Councillor Culham's Memorandum to City staff,
                                         1 page.  (From the Peel Heritage (Archives) Complex)


TO:               **************                                ***********
                      *****************************      City Solicitor

FROM:         Councillor David J. Culham
                       Ward 6

DATE:           September 23, 1998

RE:                UFMAC

********************************************************************* Mr. Donald Barber's *************************************************************  It is my view that we should document these cases which will leave a record that would inform the public and the press [1] if Mr. Barber's *********************************
************************************  At this point I think it would be prudent to put the issue on a committee agenda without any documentation [2], state the case guardedly in general terms and then formally request city staff to respond with a security program [3].  It is important, I think, **********************

************************************** Mr. Barber ***********************************
******************************************  Mr. Barber's ****************************  It  might be appropriate to try to organize a citizen group as an alternative to Mr. Barber's ********************** "Friends of the Cawthra Bush" [4], but possibly we should reach out to these people by putting them on a mailing list and giving them agendas and minutes and requesting their input.  Informally we could have a network which the Councillor or the Committee could call upon for volunteer days or activities in which their participation could be valued.

Mr. Barber's ***********************************************************************

[ Signed David ]

David J. Culham
Councillor, Ward 6

 cc:              ************************
                     Pat Saito, Councillor, Ward 9


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1).    The purpose of the secret security program is to create a history to "inform the public and the press" or publicly frame, to defame a community leader with who oppose the City.

2).    "without any documentation" or secret.

3).   A "security program", no doubt about it.

4).    "organize a citizen group as an alternative to Mr. Barber's ... "Friends of the Cawthra Bush"" or eliminate an existing community group and create a City friendly one.  ]

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