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Will the Ontario government's plans to use
Natural gas for power generation

endanger supplies, create shortages & drive prices up?

???? Will it lead to drilling in the Arctic ????

!! Dropping power plants like bombs on Mississauga's communities !!
other sources of Air pollution in or around Mississauga.

This question is very important to anyone who heats or cooks with Natural gas and it is not being addressed.

Some interesting comments about land use are here.

    When you think about if coal should be used for power generation there are some simple truths to remember.  Coal is safer to ship, less costly and its supplies are not in question.  Read more hereThe biggest problem is air pollution which is really our fault because for the last 30 years or so we have known there is a great need to develop ways to filter the smoke put out by all industry.  We have done very little.  This mostly because voters wanted to keep taxes down when they should be voting in people who would make sure we had clean air.  Air pollution is like breathing poison gas and yet our governments routinely gives industry licenses to pollution or gas us.  If a person was on your street pumping out poison gas that clearly made the families on the street sick, the police would be called and it stopped.  But when the government gives licenses to do that and it takes a longer time to make you ill, that is considered acceptable.  Yes, licenses to pollute.

    We are told by our government that we are unwilling to pay the high price of burn coal and filtering its smoke.  However, this
effectively states we are willing to pay with our & our children's lives!  That we are willing to pay by way of a life-time of ill health and early death but not from our pocketbooks - that is what we are being told.  I for one, do not remember seeing that vote come up!

    If my generation had truly rose to its greatest challenge and won the environmental battles before it, there would be far more, better and cost effective ways to filter smoke from all industry than there currently is.  Instead, we sold out to the American Dream and the cost of that can be seen in "The End of Suburbia
"  When one generation puts off its responsibility, it greatly burdens the next and soon the chance to discover these fixes will lost, as the cost of just staying alive will mean no money for necessary research.  I do not support the burning of coal unless it can be done cleanly and the same can be said about natural gas.

    Would it not be Hilarious if some reason using Natural gas for power generation becomes so cost prohibitive or unworkable that we have to switch back to coal?

    Remember the Ontario government has got no plan as to what must fully replace the use of Natural gas for power generation.

    So you think Natural Gas burns clean?  Well check these two items out!
    By David Suzuki Foundation -
Clean Energy or More Pollution? -

    Dian Deevey,  a retired atmospheric scientist -

EPCOR retreats due to public opposition!

Items on file;

Oil sands mother lode could doom gas reserves
Globe and Mail -a warning - "Imagine the premier of Ontario explaining to voters that the province can't build a Kyoto friendly gas plant to replace the doomed coal burners because Alberta needs the clean fuel to make oil for American SUVs."

Mythoilogy - Eight wrong ways to think about the future of energy.
Price of natural gas going up - you bet it is!  "The National Energy Board believes higher prices will solve our natural gas woes by encouraging fuel switching and conservation."  Does that sound like using natural gas to fuel our power plants is a good idea?  I think not.
I noted coal is not such a bad idea and these people thinks so too.

All choked up
Mississauga News - Dec. 21, 2004
"Welcome to Mississauga, the pollution capital of Ontario!"  &  "That might as well be our official slogan."

The letter to Tim Peterson MPP about Natural gas supplies & will Ontario government plans to use it for power generation.
Will the Ontario government's plans to use Natural gas for power generation endanger supplies, create shortages & drive prices up?

The cover letters used when the letter sent to Tim Peterson, M.P.P., was forwarded {faxed & E-mailed}, to the media and some political parties.

Stay tuned
Mississauga News - Mar. 11-05
"The residents of Applewood Acres received a dose of reality yesterday when they ran up against the brick wall called the politics of power."

New age, old hat, more dirty power?
Mississauga Business Times - Apr. 2005
"Any future for natural gas will be short-lived, as it has been for nuclear power.  Known reserves of natural gas are waning,".

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