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Green light for Cawthra land sale
Mississauga News - some time early 1986. An early article about how the City refused to rezone the Cawthra Bush and how it held up the purchase of the last piece of the Cawthra Bush. In fact, RED LIGHT, for 15 years.

Cawthra woodlot to be thinned out
Mississauga News - Jan. 20/94. The first news article about the City's planned logging of the Cawthra Bush and the rest of the City.

Notice of logging
Mississauga News - Jan. 23/94. The City's public notice of "Rehabilitation" at Cawthra. Sounds like the forest had committed a crime, in someone's mind.

Cutting profits
Toronto Sun - Feb. 6/94.

Last Chance to Save the Cawthra Bush
Mississauga News - Feb. 13/94. My first try at a public meeting and where I get elected to represent the communities concerns to the City of Mississauga.

Tree lover launches campaign
Mississauga News - Feb. 15/94.

City stops cutting in Cawthra woods in reply to lobby
Mississauga News - Feb. 27/94. Yes, people power can make a difference!

Cawthra Bush defenders get boost from weather
Toronto Star - Mar. 3/94. It was not the weather that won the day, it was people power.

City buying woodlot for $1.1 million
Mississauga News - Apr. 6/94. 15 years to buy a small piece of land.....What gives??

CVC - Cawthra in 'Desparate' need of management
Water Ways - June 7/94. The Credit Valley Conservation Authority tries to justify it's actions.

Man who would save woodlot being frozen out
Mississauga News - June 26/94. The Hazel strikes back! Our Mayor is very rarely treated to persons she has wronged, coming before City Council to tell all. It didn't stop there I got a ruling Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga, abused her power when she violated my rights to City records.

Save the tree group gives committee an earful
Mississauga News - June 29/94. A classic case of a newspaper rewriting events to create a negative public opinion, a City of Mississauga method as well.

The Magic garden
Mississauga News - Oct. 5/94. A classic case of a newspaper just plain not reporting events.

Tunnelling to save Cawthra Trees
Mississauga News - Nov. 2/94.

Guest column by Jocelyn Webber
Mississauga News - Nov. 16/94. Let's silence the chain saws.

Cawthra Bush cut foes fighting to the end
Mississauga News - Nov. 23/94.

Watermain construction style changes could save trees
Mississauga News - Dec. 14/94. Promises made but not kept.

Discussing the ghosts of Cawthra mansion
Mississauga News - Dec. 14/94.

Freedom of information a waste, so says McCallion
Mississauga news - Apr. 5/95. One of the few newspaper articles that note some elements of Hazel putting her curse on me, that also strips every Canadian of some of their human rights.

New Conflict bill unfair, McCallion says
Toronto Star - Apr. 6/95.

Woodlot in good hands
Mississauga News - Apr. 23/95. Don't you believe it.

Good friends clean up
Mississauga News - May 24/95. Our annual clean up and we did the press work on this one.

Managing the City's woodlots
Mississauga News - Nov. 12/95. Members of City Council discuss their opinions about the Cawthra Bush and forest management. Mayor Hazel McCallion questioned the appearance of the Cawthra woodlot, you can see many trees leaning over in an unsightly manner, "It looks like we're not maintaining it,". Councillor Carmen Corbasson, "Do we leave it natural or make it look pretty?"

Notice of public meeting - [Easement replanting]
Mississauga News - Apr. 17/96. A public meeting in regards to replanting of the watermain easement - one of our great victories.

The future takes root - easement planting
Mississauga News - Sept. 4/96.

Natures fate rests with us
Mississauga News - Sept. 8/96.

Man-Made nature is just as natural top gardener says
Mississauga News - Nov. 1/96. Doug Campbell sure gets a lot of press for his non-environmental friendly ideas.

More trees coming out of the woods
Mississauga News - Nov. 13/96.

UFMAC - volunteers needed
Mississauga News - Oct. 1/97.

The Jefferson salamander discovered at the Cawthra Bush
Mississauga News - Oct. 15/97. Amphibians found in the bush rare and possible tree saver. A provincially-rare species of salamander has been detected living in the Cawthra Bush and the discovery could influence future land use at the woodlot.

Fencing may protect parks
Mississauga News - Nov. 5/97.

Land swap a good deal all around
Mississauga News - Nov. 5/97.

Logging on hold at Cawthra Bush
Toronto Star Nov. 20/97. About Dec. 10/97 meeting. Bit about logging is mis-leading.

Cawthra Woods stressed out
Mississauga News - Nov. 21/97. About the salamander talk and Dec. 10 meeting.

Whispers - where is the City management plan???
Mississauga News - Dec. 17/97.

Expert coming to talk the talk on salamanders
Mississauga News - Jan. 11/98.

Much to consider at Cawthra Bush - Quest Column by Peter M. Phillips
Mississauga News - Jan. 21/98.

Carmen and untrue allegations
Mississauga News - Dec. 7/97. Carmen comes out swing!
No wonder they say politicians are nothing but a bunch of.............

Meeting tonight
Mississauga News - Dec. 10/97.

Please don't disturb the Cawthra Bush
Mississauga News - Dec. 17/97. The residents of Mississauga say NO to City forest management plans!!!

Another Victory!!
Mississauga News - Jan. 24/99. "The City of Mississauga has been told to strengthen its policies protecting the Cawthra Woods in a new plan for the Lakeview district." The Region of Peel, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Friends of the Cawthra Bush and Greater Mississauga Area and the Cawthra Ratepayers and Residents Association, all joined forces to declare the City of Mississauga efforts at protecting the Cawthra Bush - INADEQUATE.

Lakeview & Port Credit Get, Own Community Centre
The Lake View, Nov., 1999.

Cawthra receives wetland status
Mississauga News - August 30, 2000 -  A MAJOR SUCCESS !!!!!  BUT NOT FINAL VICTORY - The Cawthra Bush is recognized not only as a wetlands but as a Provincially Significant one at that!

Jeffersons added to threatened species list  & Wall comes down around the salamanders.
Mississauga News - Jan. 12, 2001 - Talk about Good news - Bad news!

All hail the flying Monarch
Mississauga News - July 28, 2007
- A great picture of my efforts at raising Monarch butterflies.

Beautiful creatures
Toronto Sun - Aug. 16, 2007 - great pictures of my efforts at raising Monarch butterflies.

EARTH ANGEL: THE BUTTERFLY GUY - Simple eco act 'makes me very happy'
Toronto Star - Jan 28, 2009 - Its official!  I do, do good deeds for the community.


It will make a difference!

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